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As long as you don't see a zippy yellow bird or a cyoyte you should be fine. Have a great time! --claire
A Beauty Treatment I Am Unlikely Ever To Have
Whatever happened to pumice stone? The idea of maggots is one I try not to think about. But as mentioned above, if you need them then you Really Need Them. Leeches on the other hand... --claire
Related Subjects: Living in the Future
bam: You can still use a rotary dial phone in NYC but I fear that this may not be the case soon. There is some talk about doing away with this sometime next year. I will be a sad puppy then...
July 20, 1969
Every generation has its own moments. I was glad that I was around for that one. I was 12 years old and on vacation on Martha's Vineyard. I remember my family pestering the owner to turn the set on that night. We sat and watched with a sense of wonder and tension that I haven't felt many times in my life. When it was all over we went outside and sat on the lawn looking up at the star-filled sky. Thanks, Beth, for reminding me of that night...and that we as a race can do some pretty amazing things.
Related Subjects: Living in the Future
I sometimes get the living in the future moments from ancient technology. Like when I recently found a big old clunky black phone from the 60's (you know the kind, the one with the receiver that you could use as a blunt object) and brought it home. Plugged the thing in and it works. "Great!" thinks I and I proceed to hook it up and have this be the only ringtone in the house (yes, I have a cell phone but like to keep the landline for emergencies). My son wanders into the room and asks what is this object. I say it's a phone. He looks at me and says, "how do you work it?". I then realize that he has never seen a dial-tone phone in his life. I find myself goggled at having to explain that you put your finger in the hole and turn the wheel. He just looks at me and says, "Oh man, that's too hard", whips out his cell phone and laughs...
Listening to the Past From The Future
All good points, and thanks Pablo, I will check the link. I posted this on Friday...and then got sucked up by the music project over the weekend. Yes, paulw, it does take a lot of time. But once I have digitized a thing I can either put it in a storage box or give it away. And oh my the things I have found--God help me, William Shatner's THE TRANSFORMED MAN! A rare Ella Fitzgerald live concert in Berlin where she does a hilarious performance of MACK THE KNIFE (she forgets a whole chorus and just soldiers on with some incredible rifts). The original recording of the first stage version of OKLAHOMA. Each record brings me back to a time and place, either a family memory or some point in my past. It will take me months to get all the music done. And then there are garage sales. All in one shiny package. I am still boggled by this. TexAnne, I so get what you are saying. While I love sports I would cringe at looking at the budgets for the athletic department. It would be a good guess that my field was in the humanities...
Why I Re-Read
Oh darn you, Jo.  I am reminded that the summer is almost over and I have yet to do my annual dance of joy and reread ALICE IN WONDERLAND...
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One of the sadder (and sweeter) moments of my life was when I took my aged mother to a Worldcon mumblemumble years ago.  She started reading SF in the 1930s and up to that moment didn't know that there were places where people who liked this sort of thing congregated.  She spent the whole weekend wandering around saying "If I had known about this I would have joined the party decades ago". 

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