Five SFF Road Trip Stories to Feed Your Wanderlust

Love Heinlein's "The Rolling Stones," and pleasantly surprised to see it on your list of "roadtrips."  :-)


Five Life Lessons From Ella Enchanted on the Novel’s 25th Anniversary

Not sure about the insignificance of these minor flaws in our relationships.   Squeezing toothpaste the wrong way or slicing a stick of butter pell mell as opposed to in neat squares has marked the end of many a relationship.

How I Learned to Give in to Anime

"We're having anime night and you're making the drinks."   Love that.

5 Books That Get Demon Summoning Right

I didn't realize there were recognized correct ways of summoning a demon, but wanting to let one in sure sounds like a good recipe, in demon summoning as in other things.

The CW Cancels Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman
I mean "Legends of Tomorrow" jumped the shark some time ago. Fun at first though.
Anti-Doorstoppers: 10 Great SFF Novellas and Novelettes
Thanks for the list Alex! "Queens of Noise" and "Night of the Mannequins" added to my reading list.
The Books We Read as Children Always Change Us — Let’s Embrace It
The books I read as a child constantly resonate with me decades later. Don't they for everyone?
Writing in the Language of Horse People
Fandoms have their own languages, even those of horse people. :)
Five SFF Stories That Are Much Funnier Than They Sound
I'm unfamiliar with all of these books but look forward to exploring them. Thanks for the list James. - Carl Kruse
5 SFF Books About Technology and Grief

Thanks for this list Dante.  I have added "They Both Die At The End" to my reading list.

Long Live Short Fiction: The New Golden Age of the SFF Novella

I've always thought of E.M. Forster's "THE MACHINE STOPS" -- at about 13,000 words -- as a novella, and one of my favorite science fiction works ever. Nowadays it might be considered a short story.  No matter, such a wonderful work. 
-Carl Kruse

How Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings Changed Publishing Forever

One of the articles on TOR that I have most enjoyed in recent months.  Many thanks.

The Mandalorian Season 2 is Coming Fall 2020

I confess I like the series and look forward to the second season.

How Much Research Should You Do For Your Book?

How much research?  Echoing, "just enough," unless you'd rather be researcher than writer.

Pet Sematary Acknowledges that Death is Inevitable; Cats are Monsters

Actually most newish homes in the USA, say from the last few decades, have blueprints filed with the local planning board and are publicly available.  :)

Not On Your Life: Six Means of SF Transportation I Would Not Use

I dunno, seems that we are just matter and little to fear many of these devices, that is if they worked, which as far as our science knows they don't.  But still, live a little bit.  :)

Bright the Hawk’s Flight on the Empty Sky: Ursula K. Le Guin

I'm still heartbroken and echo your feelings of the impact Ursula K. Le Guin had on me as a child, which has beautifully persisted, thankfully, into adulthood.

Ursula K. Le Guin, 1929-2018

Farewell Ursula K Le Guin.

Your search for balance and compassion as you explored the inner lands of imagination was an inspiration, and it was with you that I first encountered the practice of magic as precise as any science, and as morally ambiguous, and where the use of power always hinged on a precarious balance of opposing forces. Since then, a need for balance in acts of power always resonates within me. Maybe one day it will resonate with the real-life wizards of our world, as it did with the Archmage Sparrowhawk. So long to Earthsea and beyond.

My Muse is a Rat: Ratatouille’s Inspiring Message About Art

It was hard for me to suspend reality to see a rat as a chef and did not find credible the short amount of time it took the rat to become a "genius chef,"  but I was happy to read how the film impacted you in such a beautiful way. 

I’m Getting Off This Merry-Go-Round: Logan’s Run (1976)

Was I the only one, as a little boy, who fell instantly in love with Jenny Agutter?

Addictive Sci-Fi: 5 Books with Fictional Drugs

Is there any sci-fi/fantasy work that does not have special elixirs or drugs?    ;-)

God Product

Ok, I need a walk outside and some fresh air after this excerpt.    Well done.

Five Books about Loving Everybody
Haven't read any of the five books mentioned. Is there something other than polyamory that should land them on a reading list? Carl Kruse Note: message edited by moderator. Please don't include links to unrelated sites in comments.
God and the FBI

"Two years of miscellaneous dialogue about such knotty questions as the existence of God in a universe in which true evil exists ensue, without anything like a proper answer arising. (Which, really, is just as it should be.)"

I like how you phrase this.  Not that I like that there is no proper answer for the question as to why true evil exits.

Carl Kruse

Why You Should Absolutely Watch The Neverending Story as an Adult

If anyone finds themselves in Munich I encourage a visit to Bavaria Films Studio, where The Neverending Story was filmed.

You can even “ride” Falcor and watch yourself do it via a screen monitor.

Thanks for the article.  I never thought I would revisit The Neverending Story but have added it to my list to see again.

Carl Kruse

A merrier world: J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit

Thanks for the suggestion of reading The Hobbit, and for that matter The Lord of the Rings ALOUD. 
Always viewed these books as a guilty individual pleasure, as something to enjoy oneself, closeted in a warm nook, not as works that could be shared by reading aloud, especially to children.  I will try it.

Carl Kruse

About Carl Kruse

Kindness Amid Monstrosity: Kate Elliott’s Crown of Stars

Thanks for your review Foz.  I’m unfamiliar with Kate Elliot’s work but have added the first book, King’s Dragon, to my reading list after reading your review.

Carl Kruse

Neil Gaiman’s Inner Workings are Explored in New Documentary Dream Dangerously

Sorry never mind. Re-reading the article I see it is available now on Vimeo.  Apologies!

Carl Kruse

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