A Brief History of the Big Dumb Object Story in Science Fiction

Someone beat me to the punch on Eon, and a couple people on Marrow. Not sure how Eon didn't stick the landing. I thought it worked extremely well. Marrow was a really magnificent concept, I thought. I just wish the important characters weren't actually immortal. Their immortality made it harder to be engaged with them. But the concept is mind-boggling.

I wonder if Macroscope by Piers Anthony, notwithstanding the truly dreadful ending, qualifies as a BDO novel.

BTW, seems to me that the "dumb" doesn't ever really mean "stupid" in this context. Maybe more like "unforthcoming," or "mute"?

Under the Covers with a Flashlight: Our Lives as Readers
Just, belatedly, read this post. Brings back many memories. It's true, no question, that the place and time one reads something can be quite tied to the book (or story) being read. i remember with terrible vividness reading Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson when I was ten years old, in bed, sick as a dog, in a hotel in Maplewood, New Jersey during Easter vacation. All I have to do is open to the first page and I'm there again. The story was so creepy to my ten-year-old mind . . . A more pleasant memory: Reading Catcher in the Rye in seventh grade in three successive days during lunch in the school auditorium. The auditorium was never the same for me again.

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