Steven Moffat Ignores Canon, Insists That the Doctor Could Be Human
The two hearts thing is long-established canon, and it is definitely alien. Moffat is full of it.
This Sneak Peek of Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 2 is the Best
No lovely hairnet? Too bad. Nice to know the season is opening with a wedding, though.
The Week That Wossy
Jonathan Ross may well be a perfectly lovely man. I'm told it's so. I am also told that Howard Stern is a perfectly lovely man, kind and polite, and a good friend. And neither of them seem to me like a good choice for Hugo MC. Their style of comedy is insult and shock, and if you hire them to perform, you're going to get the kind of comedy they perform. There is no reason to expect otherwise. I personally dislike insult comedy, and will go out of my way to avoid it. This feeling is shared by many, though it's just as true that many people like it. It doesn't seem to me to be unreasonable for people who don't like it to express their concern.
Sleeps With Monsters: Elizabeth Bear Answers Eight Questions
Karen Memory isn't based on an earlier story, to my knowledge. And "oft ignored historical character" indeed! Oft-mischaracterized, rather. The copy will not mention this person, by the way. She said, dangling tempting ambiguity in front of the audience...
When Your Doctor is No Longer the Doctor: How to Survive Regeneration
So very true, and well said. Your Doctor will always be your Doctor. I burst into tears when I heard Tom Baker's voice in the 50th. My Doctor. But I came to love Matt Smith's brilliant characterization.
Spoiler Thread for A Read of Ice and Fire, Part 4!
I always thought that the raven in the voting kettle was put there by Sam. Or maybe Maester Aemnon. The raven frequently said "Snow Snow Snow" when Commander Mormont was alive. It would be great political theater, and our Sam has suddenly revealed a talent for that.
The Walking Dead, S4 E5 “Internment”
The big problem with the entire plague story line is the desperate quest for antibiotics. That disease is clearly a virus, and antibiotics don't do anything for that. And you won't find high-powered antivirals in a veterinary hospital. I mean, nice thought writers, but why not go with the tried and true bubonic plague, which is epidemic and susceptible to antibiotics. But not so picturesque.
Under the Dome: “Curtains”
I'm not watching it (couldn't get past episode #3), but I'm enjoying your reviews.
Spoiler Thread for A Read of Ice and Fire, Part 3!
I always assumed she didn't recognize Roose Bolton because he was wearing his helmet, and had his back turned to her.
A Read of Ice and Fire: A Storm of Swords, Part 30
Robb's marriage to Jayne wasn't just a "jilting". It broke a treaty. The promised marriage was just the seal on the treaty, a blood alliance to go with the political one. Robb spurned the Freys, spat on the alliance, and insulted Walder Frey's honor. Robb should have listened to his wolf. And his mother.
Happy May the 4th! Here’s How We Remember Star Wars
I was fortunate enough to have a pass to the NY premiere of Star Wars. There had been a lot of excitement in the SF community about the film, but no one had any idea. We'd seen the novel by George Lucas. Judy-Lynn was pushing it like crazy. We were hopeful. Mostly, it was a nice evening in May when the writers, editors, publishers and booksellers of SF could get together at the movies, along with the film critics and media press. And then it started. And then that Imperial destroyer came and came and came and CAME, and the silence in the theater became electric. We were really seeing sf on the screen for the first time ever. When it was over, no one left; the whole theater stayed to watch the credits and cheer. When the theater was cleared, large groups headed off for food or coffee, someplace to continue the loud and enthusiastic discussions. It was an amazing night.
Spoiler Thread for A Read of Ice and Fire, Part 2!
Only descendants of Rhaegar, Viserys and Dany fit.
And Jon Snow, if the Rhaegar/Lyanna Stark theory is true.
Who Actually Deserves to Win the Game of Thrones?
In the end, Winter will engulf the Iron Throne, and all will be lost to the ice. Bran is the King of the North. There's no doubt in my mind about that. Westeros needs Dany and her dragons to fight the Others as Winter comes over the Wall. Dany needs two more Targaryans to fly her dragons against them. Jon? Griff? There's a fool-proof method of determining legitimacy: Can you ride a dragon?
A Read of Ice and Fire: A Storm of Swords, Part 15
And, um, the way you keep physical deformity out of an inbred line is through infanticide. I don't see the Targaryens having a problem with that.
What If Nathan Fillion Turned His Back On His Fans? Castle‘s Firefly Episode “The Final Frontier”
First, I giggled all the way through this episode. I loved it. But I don't think it was, or was supposed to be, all about Firefly. It was as much Frakes' commentary on Star Trek as Fillion on Firefly. Maybe more so. I mean, there actually are Commander Riker bobbleheads. I'm planning to watch the episodes again to check who all is in the crowds...Frakes was in line at the initial book signing, and I rather suspect that there are other old friends on the floor of that convention.
Doctor Who: “The Angels Take Manhattan”
But how will the Doctor tell Brian what's happened? I think they're going to have to address that.
Emma Peel (Dame Diana Rigg) to Guest Star on Doctor Who
Oh yum. It almost makes up for the tragic fact that Diana Rigg was never cast as The Doctor.
Rothfuss Reread: Pat Answers the Admissions Questions
I had a sudden idea -- what if the King that Kvothe kills is himself? We believe that he's high up in the line of succession, if he's ever recognized as Natalia Lackless's son. We know that he has faked his own death. We have Pat's non-answer about how inheritance runs in Vintas. And we know that the stories about him, which he mentions with such relish, are greatly exaggerated.
Rothfuss Reread: Pat Answers the Admissions Questions
Wouldn't grammarie be written-down magic? Written spells, like Denna was asking about, or a gram? Or Yllish knots in your hair? It's a pretty common form of "magic" in our own world.
Our First Glimpse at the American Sherlock: Elementary
So, it's basically L&O: Criminal Intent with the characters renamed back to Holmes and Watson. I liked Vincent D'Onofrio better.
Existence (Excerpt)
Existence is set in 2050, so mid-range future.
Sherlock Holmes is the New Justin Bieber
Yes, my dear, the Beatles never appeared on the Carson show. You're thinking of Ed Sullivan. A really big shew. //old now//
Rothfuss Reread: The Wise Man’s Fear, Part 28: I Hate Not Understanding a Thing
Thanks so much, Jo! What a wonderful ride this has been. Thought: enshaedn doesn't mean possessing a shaed. It means being possessed by a shaed. Which, by the way, seems to be nowhere in sight. Is it in the chest along with his lute and Saicere? I agree that K has changed his name in the way that caused Elodin to freak out. "Remembering who he is" is a double edged blade whenever it is mentioned. I wondered at the end whether K's perfect step hinted that if he practiced the ketan again, he would find the lethani again. And in spinning leaf he could find his own name again. Maybe Bast has succeeded after all.
We Saw the Enterprise Fly Over Our Heads!
Gorgeous photos, Irene! I'm surprised the roof party wasn't bigger, though.
Tor/Forge E-book Titles to Go DRM-Free
romsfuulynn @40 -- No, we won't be offering to trade out your DRM'd titles already purchased. This is just going forward. We've been working for more than a year to get our backlist converted to ebook format, which is more complicated than just file conversion. Sometimes we need to acquire rights, often we need to create files from archived hard copies. But it's happening. It's just that there are a lot of books.
The Twelfth Doctor Probably Won’t Be a Woman. But If She Was….
I always wanted to see Diana Rigg as the Doctor. But I think that time has passed.
Rothfuss Reread: Speculative Summary 6: “Expect disaster every seven years” Speculations on Kote
I am absolutely certain that Kvothe's lute is in the chest. I don't know why he has locked it away in a chest he cannot open any more. Everything we know about him says that there is no greater pain than the loss of his lute, and his music. The silence is in his hands...the hands that no longer play the lute. I don't know why, yet. I think that the surprise he shows at the holly thorn stick is because he's never before had no calluses on his fingers. He's surprised at the blood because it shouldn't happen, not because he didn't feel the stick. To change his name, he had to change his nature; there is nothing more essential to Kvothe than his music. He had to lock it away, and it's killing him.
Rothfuss Reread: Speculative Summary 5: “Lackless likes her riddle raveling”: Speculations on Lacklesses
No, the Kaepcaens are in Modeg. I wonder if the family is in the line of royal inheritance there?
Rothfuss Reread: The Wise Man’s Fear, Part 17: All the Stories in the World
The speculation that the "broken house" is the Underthing leads me to realize that the road from Imre to the University is "broken". It stops on one side of the river, and starts again on the other side, with a huge and somewhat perilous bridge between them.
Rothfuss Reread: The Wise Man’s Fear, Part 16: Urging Toward the Truth
"Chronicler, I would like you to meet Bastas, son of Remmen, Prince of Twilight and the Telwyth Mael." - The Name of the Wind (Mass Market Paperback) 103 Remmen could equally well be Bastas' mother. I've never thought that Bastas was K.'s child. But he is K's apprentice, in a weird and unwilling way. Why would a Prince of Twilight and the Mael want to learn Sympathy and Alchemy? Could he even do so? It's one of the puzzles in plain sight of the books.
Rothfuss Reread: The Wise Man’s Fear, Part 14: Secrets of the Heart
I think that Alveron sent K off hunting bandits instead of just firing him because he didn't want Meluan to have even a hint of a chance of finding out that all those letters and poems and songs were written by someone else. The Maer is not altogether a "good" character. With K off on a mission until after the wedding, the secret is safe. And hey, if K dies, all the better.
Rothfuss Reread: The Wise Man’s Fear, Part 14: Secrets of the Heart
I never thought that Denna just happened on the girl in the alley. As I read, I felt that K. had stumbled on something that Denna did regularly: cruise the back alleys like a superhero, looking for girls in trouble and rescuing them. She rescues the lost; it's her compensation for being lost. I think that she originally picked up K. because he was one of the lost. She's several years older than he is.
Rothfuss Reread: The Wise Man’s Fear, Part 13: It was Idyllic
We know that D. cannot be Meluan's missing sister, because she is younger than Meluan. The one thing we know for sure is that Meluan was the younger of the two Lackless sisters. Meluan became the Lackless heir when her sister ran away and was disowned.
Rothfuss Reread: The Wise Man’s Fear, Part 11: A Freely Given Gift
oh dear god. It just occured to me. What if the Chandrian and the Amyr are the same thing? What if the Amyr figure painted on the vase along with the Chandrian is the first clue to that? Of course, that leaves us still wondering who The Singers are, who are the ones actually fighting against the Chandrian.
Rothfuss Reread: The Wise Man’s Fear, Part 6: Tangled Up
I think that Geoffrey is a boy that D has rescued from prostitution in the streets, much as she tried to rescue the girl, later. She's trying to teach him, as she offered to teach the girl. She pays off his debts. I fear that the letter is from him, telling her that something terrible has happened to him.
Rothfuss Reread: Speculative Summary 2: “A girl standing nearby” Speculations on Denna
On Denna and her Yllish knots: I think that a case can be made that Denna has been putting spell-knots into her hair for a long time before Kvothe notices them. He only, finally, see it after he has started studying Yllish knots. In parallel, there is Master Elodin and the Ademic hand gestures. All through NW, Elodin is described as "twitchy", as making odd gestures. K can't read his face. But after K returns from Ademre, he recognizes that Elodin is using the hand gestures that he has learned there.
Reading Joanna Russ – And Chaos Died (1970)
What TNH said. Also, And Chaos Died is a not-very-well-encoded part of an ongoing discussion happening in person between a lot of New Wavish SF people in NYC in the late 60s. I was first handed the book to read by half of the model for Jai Vedh, really quite accurately portrayed, except for the part about going straight. And Delany refering to Russ as "Ms. Russ" in his blurb was revolutionary. The title "Ms" had not yet gained acceptance. I can tell you (Terry Carr told me) that they had a hell of a time getting through copyedit at Ace. One simply did not refer to a woman without specifying her marital status.
A Dance With Dragons Spoiler Thread
@56 -- Jon Connaught (I think I've got the surname right, might not), Aegon's guardian, tells Aegon that King Aerys had been in love with Tywin Lannister's wife.
A Dance With Dragons Spoiler Thread
Yes, I think it's clear enough that Cersei, Jamie and Tyrion could be King Aerys' children. Which, it occurs to me, makes Tommen a classic Targaryean -- son of a brother/sister mating. Myrcella, too. I'm not completely convinced that Jon Snow is Rhaegar's son, though. He's such a Stark. Also, the skinchanger stuff seems to be a Stark trait. Wouldn't it be awesome if Tyrion can tame the dragons?
Rothfuss Reread: The Name of the Wind, Part 10: Like Wheat Before a Sickle-blade
Well, that's easy enough -- genetically, red hair is a recessive. Two dark-haired people who carry the recessive can produce a red-haired child. The trait might pop up that way often enough that the red-haired children were said to be fathered by a god. Especially with a bunch of Yllish redheads running around keeping the gene in the gene-pool.
Rothfuss Reread: The Name of the Wind, Part 9: Not That I Would Encourage That Sort of Reckless Behaviour
@19 -- I don't think that asking about the Amyr is the personal question part. I think it's the "how do you know" that's personal. If someone asked Kvothe how he knew about the Chandrian, that would be an intensly personal question, and something that he might answer "I don't like telling." Auri fascinates me. She appears to be young, yet she knows the Underthing really well. Elodin has been trying to befriend her for years. I wonder how many? I think that Elodin knows her "real" name, by the way. Her comment to him that "If your name is getting too heavy, you should have Kvothe give you a new one" has all kinds of overtones.
Rothfuss Reread: The Name of the Wind, Part 8: Your Hand Held the Fire
One of the things that Kvothe makes a big point of is that his parents were not married. So I'd have to say that they were not. And we know from Sim's list of the line of succession that Netalia is not there. And we know from Caduces's "history" that Netalia was disinherited when she ran off with Arlidan. It occurs to me that if Meluan and the Maer have children, they will supplant the Jakis's in the line of succession to the throne of Vintas. But on the other hand, the whole "line of succession" thing is very murky. I'm pretty sure that the key that unlocks the Moon does not open the four-plate door.
Rothfuss Reread: The Name of the Wind, Part 8: Your Hand Held the Fire
It occurs to me that Rothfuss's actual text indicates that "the woman" is actually Devi. Are we just being distracted by how much Kvothe is in love with Denna? I can't defend that. Just putting it down as a marker. Also, notice the things in the Lackless rhyme. The key, the ring, the candle. Watch out for what Auri gives Kvothe, and he saves.
Rothfuss Reread: The Name of the Wind, Part 7: My Sympathetic Representation
Ever since Lorren recognized Arliden's name, I've been sure that he knows exactly who Kvothe is. At first, Lorren tries to take Kvothe under his wing, and I think that this would have been a very different story if Ambrose hadn't happened to him. Is Lorren an Amyr? There's a lot going for that theory.
Rothfuss Reread: The Name of the Wind, Part 4: Entirely the Wrong Sort of Songs
I've always been a little confused by Kvothe's interactions with Skarpe. It's easy to read that he only went to hear stories twice, but I think PR must have just glossed over many encounters. But there are a lot of occasions where people know who Kvothe is when it doesn't seem like they should.
Rothfuss Reread: The Name of the Wind, Part 4: Entirely the Wrong Sort of Songs
I have this idea in the back of my mind that we're looking at a stage in a great war between Humans and Fae (well, factions of humans and factions of the Fae) through myth and legend. I'm not completely convinced that Encanis is "evil", or that Tehlu is "good". It might just be the winners telling the stories. I'm not even convinced that Denna's version of the Lanre story isn't true. But we have reason to believe that the Amyr, the Sithe, and the Singers are all Fae. We know that the seven fear them. We know that the seven -- or at least one of the seven -- engages in freelance banditry. Are they renegade Fae, out freelancing in the mortal lands?
Doctor Who S6, Ep 3: “The Curse of the Black Spot”
I have a theory. It is this: Amy is still being held by the Silence, and what we're seeing are her hallucinations. Or maybe an uncollapsed probability of a universe, which explains why she's both pregnant and not pregnant. It's the only way to make sense of any of this. Sorta.
Rothfuss Reread: The Name of the Wind, Part 3: Beware of Folly
Herelle @39 -- we have evidence in WMF that the title "Lady Lackless" is applied to unmarried daughters -- Kvothe calles Meluan "the Lady Lackless" when he's describing the dinner party where he first meets her. Lady Lackless is not a title that is bestowed with marriage. And Kvothe tells us very early on that his parents never married. Meluan tells us later that her sister ran away with the Edema Ruh and was disinherited as a result. No mention of a husband, and given the level of bile in her, I think we would have heard about her abandoning a husband.
Rothfuss Reread: The Name of the Wind, Part 3: Beware of Folly
I'm far from wedded to this idea, but I'll throw it out anyway. It occurs to me that "entirely the wrong sort of songs" might refer to something different. The song that set Arlidan sleeping under the wagon ends: It's worth my life to make my wife Netalia Lackless. That made her really angry. The Lackless family is clearly bound up in many much greater mysteries. She's changed her name, though she hasn't married Arliden. She's been disowned and disinherited, and the one time she visited family with Kvothe, it was an unpleasant experience. Also, "remember your father's song" -- Kvothe never heard the Lanre song, only the prologue to it. He can't remember it. But remembering that his mother is Netalia Lackless might come in pretty useful one day.
Rothfuss Reread: The Name of the Wind, Part 2: You Went Looking For a Myth and Found a Man
It's been made quite clear that Bast is Kvothe's student. He's studying something, though I have to say that K. is a teacher more in the mode of Elodan than Vashet. The "tell you three times" thing grows from the episode with the alchemical poison right before Admissions -- Sim worked out a deal with Kvothe that anything he said three times was to be taken as true, whether Kvothe believed him or not. They then quickly shortened that to "I tell you three times". This is possibly a reference also to a story or custom that Kvothe has not yet told us.....
Rothfuss Reread: The Name of the Wind, Part 2: You Went Looking For a Myth and Found a Man
Right, and also "Lady Lackless" would also have been Netalia's mother. also, that riddle only lists 6 things. I suppose that's part of the riddle. And oh, I hadn't realized how the Lackless Riddle meshes with my thoughts about Auri! So I'll mention it now: Auri keeps giving Kvothe gifts. First, a key. Second, a wooden ring (which he doesn't wear), and third, a candle. And that's only so far in the narrative! I don't think there's any reason to believe that the Lackless Riddle is directed at Kvothe's mother, or grandmother. I think it's a very old one, but contains a great deal of meaning if you can figure it out. The Lockless box is extremely old, unopened for maybe a thousand years.
Rothfuss Reread: The Name of the Wind, Part 2: You Went Looking For a Myth and Found a Man
I think Meluan Lackless is at least 10 years older than Kvothe. Remember that he seems much older than he is -- he's actually just 16 when he is at the Maer's court. And we don't know what age her sister was when she ran off with Arlidan.
Rothfuss Reread: The Name of the Wind, Part 2: You Went Looking For a Myth and Found a Man
In NotW, when Sim is counting off the line of succession to the throne of Vintas, he mentions Aceleus and Meluan Lackless. Presumably her father? There are an awful lot of people between Ambrose and the throne, including the Maer and the Lacklesses, and his own father.
Rothfuss Reread: The Name of the Wind, Part 2: You Went Looking For a Myth and Found a Man
I have many comments to make about Auri, which I will save till she comes onstage in this reread.
Rothfuss Reread: The Name of the Wind, Part 2: You Went Looking For a Myth and Found a Man
More thoughts: In chapter 8 Kvothe says "I learned woodcraft from a huntsman named Laclith, who traveled with us for nearly a whole season." And there are later references to Laclith when Kvothe is dreaming, or talking about woodcraft. Then in WMF, when K is learning all the various branches of the Lockless family, Laclith is one of them that "slowly spiralled into obscurity" in the South. If we accept that K's mother is Natalya Lackless (and I do), then did the family send an obscure cousin to travel with them? I can't help but think that the family knows of Kvothe's existence.
Rothfuss Reread: The Name of the Wind, Part 2: You Went Looking For a Myth and Found a Man
"It began when I heard her singing" refers, I think, to his time with Felurian. Which could mean that whatever disaster he caused to the world began with something that happened there. "My first real lover called me Dulator because she liked the sound of it." Must also refer to Felurian. But that name is never mentioned when K is telling the story of that time. And I doubt that Felurian ever called anyone anything simply because she liked the sound of it. I wonder what it means? "Lightfinger" could be a nickname from Tarbean, where he was a pickpocket. "Kvothe went looking for his heart's desire." -- Well, he did. His heart's desire for a long time was to know the name of the wind. We know that a student on sabatical from the Arcanum is said to be "chasing the wind". And in fact, on his sabbatical, he found it. Other thoughts to come....
Rothfuss Reread: The Name of the Wind, Part 1: The Cut-Flower Sound
@20 I'm not convinced that Kvothe killed anyone in Imre. I think that may be an elaboration of the story of his fight with Ambrose. I don't think that anything anyone else says about Kvothe's history can be taken as true.
Rothfuss Reread: The Name of the Wind, Part 1: The Cut-Flower Sound
Oh, so many thoughts! In no particular order: 1. Kvothe has not lost his magic or his music or his fighting skills. But Kote doesn't have any of these. Later, when he gets beat up by the bandits (spoiler!!!!!) that Bast hired to rob him, he says "I almost forgot who I was" about starting a fight. Kvothe is hiding (from the Chandarian?) by becoming someone else. Kote. Who doesn't play the lute, doesn't have an alar, and can't fight. 2. The lute is in the chest. Kote doesn't play the lute, and can't open the chest because of no alar. If K becomes Kvothe again, he can open the chest. Then all hell breaks loose, I assume. 3. I think something has happened to the Moon - she's been trapped in Faerie, and the roads are open. Or maybe the box in the Lockless Box is the one that has the piece of the moon in it, and it's been opened. "Things being as they are". 4. I don't think that Chronicleer is really who he says he is. The Archanist Devan Loechees who wrote The Mating Habits of the Common Dracchus was at the University long enough before Kvothe that his book was in the library. But our Chronicleer doesn't recognize the phrase "how was the road to Tinue?" And then he tells Kvothe that he heard the stories about the fight with Ambrose "when he arrived", and they were not there at the same time. He was a student after Kvothe left. But he knows the name of iron (when he first sees Bast, he speaks the name of iron)..... Is a mystery to me. Also, and last for the moment -- Kvothe has already been expelled from the Arcanum. He was expelled for malfeasance when he broke Ambrose's arm, but the expulsion was suspended.

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