Second me another artikel which will explain about English grammar yes today we are talking about chances just give me 20 seconds to explain you virtual students Academy is a platform we will bring easy learning and quality education to those who have access to quality education and we need your support do you speak

I believe if English is your second language I will try to make this grammar which is not so easy to be very simple chances we have to learn let me ask a question why to learn tenses because if you are a professional if you are academic if you are a student or you speak English with your customers in all cases

you need to speak and write correct English yes tenses are very important and I will give you this opportunity to learn fast so you won’t have any issue in the future what is a chance chance is an age that’s it yesterday today yesterday past and future which you have to remember always it does any other fault just

so Dan says a relation with the world sounds single like for example the kids are making noise so the process is on when the team is playing so the process is on when process is all so this continuity you could see in the symbol as well speaks about continuous forfeit the fact is a third form which is very trusting

and the definition is completed the task is completed you could see the process has ended for example you asked me have you taken your meal yes I have taken my meal because somehow the process is done I have taken my meal I have done my homework so when you speak process is done yes that’s perfect and perfect continues as

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