Jon Snow’s Intense Abs Star in the First Trailer for Pompeii
This is awkward. I really should have clarified that I was talking about the tristar pegasus. And hey Theresa, #1 on your list is so. totally. wrong. Case in point: the Adventures of Milo and Otis
You Can Go Ahead and Touch This Book is Full of Spiders
@MommyWoman There was a sweepstakes running here: I'm not sure if they've run out of copies yet, but it's worth a try. Godspeed.
You Can Go Ahead and Touch This Book is Full of Spiders
Excellent! I'm so glad you guys all have copies!! I was hooked after the first page and couldn't put it down until I finished it, so hopefully none of you guys have weekend plans... @Cumadrin You'll be choke-laughing for the rest of the book, but it definitely gets darker. @MatthewB The swarm of parasitic monsters in this one are a little less Lovecraftian/Is. of Doctor Moreau-ish, but they're much more terrifying. Seems like Wong/Pargin sacrificed some of the silliness for scariness. Peyote button still functional. @SaltManZ Totally. And yeah, if you weren't into the eposodic structure of JDatE, you should be good with TBiFoS. It's much more traditionally novel-like in that sense. Report back after you start reading!

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