Defiance: For Better Or Worse, A SyFy Western
6. Robotech_Master I chose to keep away from talking about the video game component of the Defiance world as it isn't important to the discussion about the wild west content. Certainly there's a lot to talk about when it comes to the tie-in aspect, but that's hardly relevant to the article at hand.
Wonder Woman Fan Trailer Returns Diana To Her Nazi Ass-Kicking Origins
The pros of this trailer: Decent dialogue. Good set up. Good production value. Decent fighting. The cons: Diana using a machine gun. NOPE. Nope nope. This is not Die Hard with an Amazon. The Nazi-fighting feels like a cop out. Don't know how to write Wonder Woman correctly? Hide it by making the bad guys Nazis because... who doesn't like beating up Nazis. Also: cop out to make her completely silent. Don't know how to represent a woman speaking? Make her the strong, silent, grit your teeth as you hit things person. Also: unnecessary butt shots. They have them. Also: eye roll to the 'crying girl on Diana's shoulder' moment. Want to show her having a moment of tender mercy and 'woman bonding' to offset the murdering dudes (oh I'm sorry, Nazis) factor? Have a sobbing girl cuddle moment. Not as impressive as it comes off initially.
Watch the Full Trailer for World War Z
Those are not zombies, they're undead Road Runners. They are WAY too fast.
First World War Z Footage
This by far looks like the worst case scenario of a mess waiting to happen. I'm going to stick with my favorite book, thanks.
Who Little, Who Late: Gender Studies on a Spaceship?
This episode had a lot of problematic moments, much like most of this season and Matt Smith's run in my opinion. Nefrititi felt as though she was created in this episode solely to be a tough woman to offset the cries of 'damsel in distress' syndrome lobbed at Moffat. Her ending with Ridell seemed forced and silly, as did most of the dialogue between Amy and Ridell during the 'shoot the dinosaurs' moment. The whole episode felt wooden by comparison to some of the writing in the past - how many things can be forced into one episode is indeed the case. More problematic to me was the murder of Solomon at the end. That is not the Doctor I know and adore, putting a guy on the ship to just die. I was very uncomfortable about that turn. Plus, there was the whole Rory's Dad - he was brought on the episode and then just sort of left there to languish and occassionally say funny things. It lacked the heartfelt connection that, say, the episode with Donna's family did. Perhaps I'm the only one who doesn't care if Moffat deleted his Twitter but it's up to him as a creator if he chooses to listen to the criticisms of his work and how he handles them.
Handsome Covers, Awesome SF: B&N’s “Leatherbound Classics” Series
You discovered one of my guilty pleasures - I have several of the leatherbound editions, including the Narnia, Asimov, and Lovecraft editions. Not only are they beautiful, they're amazing to read from, the artwork is lovely, and htey just feel like osmething you want on your shelf forever.
How We Would Cast a Neil Gaiman Biopic
Would it be strange to say Tilda Swindon as Amanda Palmer?
But You Didn’t Have to Stoop So Low. True Blood: “Somebody That I Used To Know”
Agreed on the unnecessary flashback scene for Bill. I like the character but MAN is it just an excuse over and over for him to put on period gear and work up his angst. The best parts of last nights episode HAD to be Eric's moral compass action and Alcide. Well... just... all of Alcide. That scene was... yeah, you're right. Woof. And Luna turning into Sam was kind of strange and seemingly out of place to me. The jawline? Definitely looked like Russell to me too. But there's another name there, and Jason had a look like he recognized it.
SDCC: The Grimm Experience
I would have killed for a look at the inside of that trailer! Thank you for the photos for those of us who couldn't be there.
The Henson Company Reaffirms What We Already Knew About Muppets
Well written article, Emily, and it seems to have sparked a hell of a conversation. I find it funny that people would say that it's unfair for the Henson company to turn away from Chick-Fil-A because they disagree with the anti gay marriage stance. Since when is there a need to be tolerant of the intolerant? If someone comes out with an opinion that you disagree with, especially one so odious as organized bigotry, it is within anyone's right to pull their support and go elsewhere with their revenue. It's the last cry of the shamefully ignorant to imagine that people would put up with discrimination and call it "tolerance." And hiding behind religious dogma as the 'proper' thing for a Christian organization shames all those out there who stand up in Judeo-Christian organizations to be counted as against the systematic discrimination of gay couples couched in religious context. I don't think I could have said it better than #30:
The article we are commenting on was about how Jim Hensen created a fantasy world where everyone was included and that inclusion enriched everyone's lives. Dan Cathy is willing to include gay people when they enrich his restaurant chain but not when they want equal rights.
Yes and yes and all of this yes. Again, well done Emily.
San Diego Comic Con, Tragedy, and the Family of Fans: A Handful of Thoughts
A gorgeous article and your last paragraph made my heart break all over again about this tragedy. We share our dreams in the dark of theaters to believe in stories, worlds and ideas that may never be in real life. We stand together as believers in the creative imagination given form. And when someone damages that, it's a harsh wind in the dark trying to put out those lights. The rest of us feel it and, though we might feel melodramatic or silly or confused by the feeling, we understand deep down why it hurts us. It's the same spirit that links us in celebrating our nerdery in SDCC, NYCC or any other place, and especially in the dark of theaters where we come to enjoy. We understand the spirit that you unites us. And we remember. Again, beautiful article.
Gaming Roundup: The Ugly Truths of Gaming
I find it very interesting how this whole problem - which has been an issue for years - has been coming to an internet explosion recently. Just as all these instances are being written up and discussed, I had a moment of this when I was running a LARP this past weekend. A staff member of mine, a woman, was essentially sexually harrassed at my game. I was a few feet away and dealt with the situation, but it was a glaring horrific example of someone who did not understand the base problem of dealing with women face to face and made the woman working for me so uncomfortable she had to go sit outside for a bit to recover. On the positive side of the conversation, due to all this press coverage, the convention I was at hosted a wonderful panel regarding Women in Gaming. Where I had sat in on a similar panel at another convention years before which turned into "How do I get a hot gamer girlfriend?", this conversation was more about how to cultivate an atmosphere of support for women to feel comfortable and a zero tolerance policy for anything remotely like harrassment. It was a great dialogue that included men and women that showed this issue is being addressed. The problem, however, is very insidious, and demands constnat attention.
Phoenix Eternal: 6 Reasons Why It’s Time For Jean Grey to Return
Now that is an interesting way to deal with the total mess-ups that have happened to Cyclops, Jean and Angel over the last few years. I'll be interested to see how this interacts with the X-Men who are still around from, y'know, this time period.
Poor Unfortunate Souls: Why Does “Fashionable” Equal “Thin” to Disney?
I think the same could be said for the reworking of the Red Queen in the background there. The Queen of Hearts is now a tiny little waist too, and all of them look like they've caught a wasting disease. Yes, the marketing for their 'chic' line is meant to appeal to the fashion conscious, which means inherently playing into the skeletal = fashionable foible that the entire couture industry lives in. So why are we surprised that Disney would do the same? They have been slow to diversify, slow to embrace different body types, and have never shown much love to the plus sized set. To use a quote I have to utilize a lot: I'm not sad, I'm just disappointed.
Buffy Season 9: Dark Horse Lets Buffy Grow Up
Season 8 had its issues. Like Angel/Buffy's magic-killing baby thing... lord, what a mess that storyline was. But more than anything, I'm incredibly disappointed with Season 9 in general. First, the relationship between Dawn and Xander seems utterly bizarre to me and feels forced. A drunken party where she lets go for a bit? Yeah, who cares. But the plotline that threw me completely and made me put the comic down was the pregnancy scare. Should they have wanted to do a pregnancy scare storyline, and even an abortion storyline, I would have gladly supported. But the unbelievable cop-out they wrote in to reverse the whole thing was a pretty awful attempt to introduce an edgy topic and then back off of it equally as fast. Lord knows we couldn't have Buffy have a child, that would complicate things. But equally, we couldn't have her have an abortion - that would be too controvertial. Then, I ask, why introduce the whole thing in the first place? The whole storyline was contrived, badly executed, and then in the end cowardly. I feel very much like Willow did in Season 9 - this wasn't the world she signed up for and she's going elsewhere. So am I.
Christopher Meloni Gets Fangs: True Blood, “Authority Always Wins”
The best part of this past episode was: a) Emma turning into an adorable puppy b) Tara being the best crazy new vampire ever (can that girl perch creepily or WHAT?!) c) the new council characters being interesting except Nora (who honestly was just written in I believe to give Eric something else to pine over and emote at, rather than just be a blank slate). d) More Pam please. Less of her weepy over Eric, more take-charge Pam.
You Should Run Your Next Fantasy Game in The World of Darkness
I'm glad to see someone else preaching the love for White Wolf here - I've been a White Wolf player for nigh on ten years now, and while it's not the end all of tabletop (or even LARP gaming) it's been one of the fundamental gaming experiences for so many people out there. From their national club to the home-brewed campaigns, they put out solid books with great writers. Personally, I'm a fan of the "Old" World of Darkness, which I started out in (my opinion, probably one of the best game settings out there is Mage: The Ascension) but New WoD is a solid sandbox world to spread your storyteller wings. Should they open source more like other well-known companies we know? Maybe. That doesn't take away from the great work they're doing.

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