The Collapsing Empire: Prologue


Actually, I'd love to go all David Weber on you. He's one of the best selling science fiction authors working today (and a lovely fellow to boot). Lots of people positively devour his stories. But he is him and I am me and I think we'll keep writing like ourselves rather than the other. 

The Collapsing Empire is written exactly how I wanted to write it; there's nothing to "fix" because (small copy edits notwithstanding) it's in its intended form. If this particular writing style doesn't work for you, that's okay! There are lots of other fabulous writers to read in the genre. Go read them. 

With that said, I invite you to read the first chapter of The Android's Dream and note the structural similarities between this prologue and that. This is neither a new nor unsuccessful element of my writing (TAD, I'll note, is an award winner and sells perennially well for me, particularly overseas and in audio). When I read the prologue at Worldcon, it had people breaking into applause well before the end of excerpt, which doesn't usually happen. It suggests (to me, anyway), that the prologue is working just fine, and as intended. 

Again: It's okay if it doesn't work for you. It works for me. 

The Collapsing Empire: Prologue

Jon Bromfield:

I did it that way because I wanted to do it that way, and it reads exactly as I intended it to read. You don't have to like it. 

Always Be Branding: John Scalzi, Maureen Johnson, and Bill Barnes Give Social Media Advice at BEA
"'Scalzi'" has a first name, too. I AM A MONONYM NOW LIKE CHER OR GODZILLA MOSTLY LIKE GODZILLA (stomps Tokyo)
How Books Can Become Batman: Scalzi at SDCC
One small correction: Alexa Faigen is an executive at Stuber Productions, not Paramount (Scott Stuber is the producer; Paramount is the studio the movie will be made by).
There Are So Many Reasons Why You Should Watch Starship Troopers Right Now
landondyer: "Verhoeven butchered one of the best combat SF books of all time" No, he didn't. The book itself is mysteriously unaffected by the existence of the film. Heinlein's words were not pulped and replaced by a novelization of the Starship Troopers film (Heinlein's book, however, did jump back into the bestseller lists when the film came out, if memory serves). This goes further to the point that the book and the film are not the same thing. A crappy film adaptation of any book does nothing to the book. See: Dune, The Postman, The Puppet Masters (yeeech), etc for further confirmation of this. But even a crappy film adaptation can be a nice advertisement for the book.
There Are So Many Reasons Why You Should Watch Starship Troopers Right Now
"I'm curious, though: why did you choose to talk about Starship Troopers, now?" Because the folks at said to me "Hey, we're doing a military science fiction week, wanna write something? We'll give you money."
Hugo Nominees: 1990
As much as I would like to take credit for returning the Nebulas to a calendar year system, as well as implementing other rational changes to the awards, it was the SFWA board of directors under former president Russell Davis who did that particular deed. Credit belongs to them and not me.
Best of the Decade Data: Common Words in Titles
Irene: I'll do it so long as Tor meets the following demands: 1. Money truck. WITH money. 2. A pony AND a lifetime supply of pony glitter. That's my lifetime, not the pony's. 3. A robot butler that FIGHTS CRIME. 4. Audio book performed by Grover from Sesame Street. 5. Edible ninja stars made from cheese. A couple hundred of them. Have your people call my people. We can make this happen. Just don't skimp on the pony glitter.
Best of the Decade Data: Common Words in Titles
I'm totally going to write the "Shadow War of the Night Dragon" trilogy. Please have Tor back up the money truck to my front door. kthxbye.
The Undead Robert Heinlein
Captain Button: As noted in the entry, Heinlein was controversial while still alive, and many of these arguments are of long standing. Be aware that in presenting this argument, I am not saying it's the only cause of the acrimony, but one of the causes.
The Undead Robert Heinlein
I can't speak for the other "New Heinleins," JohnArkansawayer, but I know of several of my readers who were introduced to Heinlein through my acknowledgment of him in Old Man's War. I don't think this is entirely surprising; I read Heinlein before I read Wells or Verne.
Heinlein and The Saturday Evening Post
Foxessa: Wow, that comment would have been awesome had it been even remotely related to the entry to which it was attached.
We Will Be Expecting an Apology From the Discovery Institute in 2208
And, in fact, I own the jar. I own ALL the jars with brains in them. BWA HA HA HA HA HAH HA!
It’s Official: I’m Less Intelligent Than a Worm
"If you can figure out that going in one direction and hearing a sound grow louder means you are walking towards the source of the sound... you're doing as much "calculus" as the roundworms are." So that's how it works. Dude, my world has just been totally rocked.
Your Intrepid Science Blogger Checks In
I'll probably tend to lean toward space stuff, on account that's where my own interests are, but I'm going to try to cover a range of things.
A Beauty Treatment I Am Unlikely Ever To Have
DeepThought: Ironically, I think medicinal use of maggots is kind of cool, although it would definitely squick me out to do it. But on the other hand, if I was at the point where medicinal maggots were a viable option for my issues, I've have a whole boatload of problems. The footie fish feed, by contrast, is strictly optional.
After the Coup
Thanks, everyone -- glad you're liking it!
Now This is a Moon Shot
Apparently someone disapproves of your business thinking, Alison.
Your Intrepid Science Blogger Checks In
There are some things like that (for example, an Earth Science Picture of the Day); I'll look around for more as well.
Your Intrepid Science Blogger Checks In
I love me some Bad Astronomy, definitely. I'll be talking more about my favorite science bloggers as I go along, to be sure.
After the Coup
Irene: No worries. I have no problem having a cool piece of art in front of me to spur my imagination, you know?  Shayera: Well, Harry's a character in two of the OMW books, so I can't claim him as new. But I am glad to get him out as the hero of his own story!
After the Coup
Actually, the illustration, the title of which is "After the Coup." And I went, "hey, I bet I could work with that."

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