I’m an independent artist in Southern California. I do a wide range of work, from business cards, to minor digital photo restoration. My current specialties are graphic Web site design, papercraft design, and icon design. Being versatile, my tastes in art are always changing. You can check out my work at my online portfolio.
I’m a big Disney fan, particularly of the theme parks. This often reflects in some of my best work, such as my paper models and my Web site, the Disney Experience.
I’m also a big Halloween and Haunted Mansion fan. In 2008, I organized a Disney-inspired online trick-or-treating event, Doorless Chambers (October 25-31). The event is free to all, and involves some noteworthy sites like DoomBuggies.com, TellNoTales.com, Haunted Dimensions, and Virtual Magic, all giving out free downloadable Halloween treats.