Science of The Night Land: Dying Suns and Earth Energy
I assure you, I plowed through the book in its entirety. It's not an ordeal one is likely to forget. You can champion his akward, forced prose all you want, but the wonders of Hodgson's immagination are sadly entombed within it. ~rl
Monster of the Week: The Mirocaw Harlequins
I don't think I've read that particular Howard story! Adding it ot the list...
A Great Non-Slasher Slasher Film: Beyond the Black Rainbow
Alan, I can't disagree with any of that. I stand by what I actually say in the intro, though: "Panos Cosmatos's Beyond the Black Rainbow is the best LOOKING non-slasher slasher film since Drive." ~rl
Science of The Night Land: Dying Suns and Earth Energy
My tip to anyone thinking about reading "The Night Land" is to just skip the first chapter outright. IT CONTRIBUTES NOTHING. Only afterwards do you get to stuff like abhumans, psychics and flayed human skins pinnned above the doorway to a world of darkness. ~rl
Science of The Night Land: Dying Suns and Earth Energy
@CliftonR: Oops, sorry about the terminal colon! That's the end of the post. @SpeakerToManagers: Sounds like I need to grab a copy of "City' pronto. Thanks for the recommendation! ~rl
The Blog that Turns People Inside Out
Tor's Bridget McGovern shared this link with me after the post was in: Amazing Slim Goodbody fashions! ~rl
The Analog Gamer: 10 Board and Card Games for the 2010 Halloween Season
I just picked up Fantasy Flight's "Space Hulk" card game myself. I can't wait to tear into it this weekend. :) ~rl

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