Snow White Trailer v. Snow White Trailer: A Sorta Fairy Tale
Would be fun to wager on this one. I suspect Julia will end up in a hovel with Nathan Lane. There are worse things, I suppose. KStew's character is most definitely not a mute ;) I'm pretty sure she has lines in the trailer cut from Spain. Again, I don't think this is necessarily about sympathizing with the Queen. It's okay for women to be evil, but how are they empowered? Is a woman empowered only through beauty? Through goodness? Courage? This is why I'm most intrigued by SWATH and the potential for a magical conceit that links beauty to military power. I do worry that SWATH will fall down under the weight of the EPIC. I hope it has a good dose of gallows humor.
Snow White Trailer v. Snow White Trailer: A Sorta Fairy Tale
It puts me in the mind of the Fairy Tale Theatre show that Shelley Duvall was making in the 80's, but with more budget and less heart.
YES. Brilliant call. Also, loved Fairy Tale Theatre. But "heart" also speaks to the success of a film like The Princess Bride which strikes a tone far closer to Mirror, Mirror than SWATH. As I said on my blog, TPB has a deep core of sincerity as well as a very smart script. Based on the trailer, I'm not convinced Mirror, Mirror has either. (See Lori's comment re "say hello to my little friend.")
Fairy tales are meant to be cautionary tales.
And I'll be interested to see what lesson (if any) either film conveys.
The person above this who described Mirror, Mirror as camp got it right I think. And sometimes I just want camp.
Again, I'm willing to be won over, but I tend to think deliberate camp is pretty hard to get right. (And if I'm not careful, I'll start babbling about Black Swan.)
Snow White Trailer v. Snow White Trailer: A Sorta Fairy Tale
I find the comparison funny because Mirror Mirror looked like a movie starring Julia Roberts and Snow White and the Huntsman seemed to pretty much be about a woman afraid of growing old and starring Thor. In either case Snow White seems kind of an afterthought and neither of the trailers exemplify in any way a "serious story."
Gotta disagree. Battles! Horses! Men being smashed to bits! Life and death on the edge of a sword. Seems pretty serious to me. In both cases, the "Who is the fairest" question is central-- as well it should be. But in Mirror, Mirror, the Queen frets over seducing a young prince. In SWATH, the Queen seems to be all about control of her kingdom. (I am going to be VERY put out if there isn't a strong magical conceit in SWATH and it's just about dudes looking at Charlize and saying, "Buh buh buh. I will do your bidding.")
I think they both look like guilty pleasures. I can't stand the way Charlize Theron talks - that overwrought, overdramatic low voice. Who actually talks like that???? She's trying too hard to be epic, in my opinion.
Ha! Fair enough. No one. But does anyone really talk like usual trailer guy? All gritty and gravelly and, "In a land without justice, one man will stand against the odds"?

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