To Sleep in a Sea of Stars Partial Galley Sweepstakes

Definitely looking forward to see what Chris comes up with for a science fiction novel.  Fun fact, I ran into him a couple of years ago at the Gallifrey One Doctor Who convention.   He was pretty much incognito until another writer recognized him when he asked a question of the panel.

Meet John Scalzi on Tour for The Last Emperox!

Sadly, no Phoenix area stop this time.  Off to Subterranean Press to order a signed copy there….

Babylon 5 Is the Greatest, Most Terrible SF Series

Really interesting article and lots of interesting comments.   

Again, @35 - not at all true.  To get the mostly full story on the development on B5, Joe's relationship with San Diego, and much other stuff, definitely check out Straczynski's Biography when it comes out in July.

Definitely time for to do a Babylon 5 rewatch, I think,  Just the number of people commenting on this article should give them a good idea of the ongoing interest for the show. I put together a proposal five years ago that they opted not to go with.

Now back to digging through my B5 stuff for finding things to help Jason Davis out with his Babylon 5 Preservation Project.....

The Expanse Unveils a New Season Three Teaser and Release Date!

According to Naren Shanker at Gallifrey One last weekend, the answer to the question is Yes!

Meet Tor Authors at the Tucson Festival of Books

This year's festival has a great lineup with the Tor authors leading the pack.  Plus Patty G on a panel as well!   Hoping for a nice temperature range.  mid-90's last year was too much.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is Coming Back! But Is It Better than Ever?

I really enjoyed the first episode as well. The main problem will be adjusting to the new normal of streaming distribution.  I want to space them out instead of binge watch, maybe even save the Christmas episode until the holiday season.  But they are all out there and available to watch now!  But there's also new Doctor Who starting this weekend....

How to Run a (Successful) Reading Series

Thanks for the advice. I knew most of it in general but its nice to have it all in one place.  My main issue here in Phoenix is deciding on a venue. Most want a F&B minimum to let you use the space.

Five Potentially Amazing SFF Adaptations That Need To Happen

In regards to Pern, heres what happened when Ron Moore attempted to produced it for The Wb back in 2001.

Interesting parallels to how Shannara ended up to me.


Obviously, there is a market for good adaptations and hopefully there will continue to be so.

The C-Team: Legends of Tomorrow “Pilot, Part One”

I enjoyed it, but definitely think we'll get a better feeling of the series with the rest of the two hour opener.  I really think they should have done the whole thing as the debut since this episode was mostly character introduction/reintroduction and not much actual action.  Obviously people who have been watching Arrow and the Flash are already familiar with most of the characters, but some of the new character stuff worked. 

They definitely have some potential going forward, but as noted in the review, the Time Masters/Time Lords parallels are definitely there.  I am hoping that at some point Booster Gold will be brought in, since his more recent appearances in the DC Universe have been tied pretty closely with Rip Hunter.  Of course, DC is now about to do a "Rebirth" this summer, so who knows how the comics storylines will change (although there is a pre-new 52 Booster still around as of his last appearance).

MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles is a Modern Take on an Old Classic

Good summation of the differences Aidan, In order to make the series make more sense, they have had to rearrange some stuff otherwise the younger characters wouldn't have show up until episode 3 or 4. I do like how they have added aspects of the world that came to light in later books.  Some long time fans are disappointed (and have been being very vocal about it), but for today's audience, I think it works.  Since this is the production team that reimagined the Superman mythos for Smallville, getting something along similar lines with Shannara is not unexpected.

Cants, Cans, and Don’ts: The Expanse “CQB”

A fair amount of the main plot comes from this originally being an RPG that Franck and Abraham played with friends, which they then developed into the novels.  Abraham mentioned that when they were playing originally, that the person playing the Shed character in the game had to leave the game, so the character got killed off and they've kept that outcome in the books and subsequent TV show. 

The slingshot bit got brought in to this episode as part of the world building.  One thing that they have done with the TV adaptation is bring things in from later novels, most notably the UN ambassador to give more of the POV from Earth, which comes to the forefront later on.  Also, I don't think it was mentioned here, but they did get a green light for Season two from Syfy, which will be 13 episodes.  Scripts were already being worked on.


And Alex had definitely never piloted a ship of this type as we'll definitely see more about it next week.

Now That’s How You Reveal a Secret Identity!

The producers have indicated that this is the same Non, but in this take on the mythos it is Non pre-lobotomy (or whatever was done to him). How Zod fits in (or if he even does fit in) is likely further down the road.

Unlocking John Scalzi’s Lock In
There's still a fair amount of humor, which is mostly situational, especially Chris's threep difficulties.
Morning Roundup: Thank Goodness They’ve Drawn Attention Away from Our Wang Computers Shirt
Yes, I sent in my proof of purchase for the Star Trek Marshmellow Dispenser. And, I still have it!
Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern Series Could Be the Next Big Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movie Franchise
Interesting to see that announcement after having asked Todd McCaffrey if there was any activity on this front when I ran into him in San Diego. He didn't really indicate there was an announcement about to be made but did indicate something might be in the works.
Holy Nostalgia! Harlan Ellison Wrote an Episode for Adam West’s Batman
There's always the often discussed but never actually written Babylon 5 episode where Trent (Robert Culp) from Demon With a Glass Hand shows up on Babylon 5.
Martin, Rothfuss, Gabaldon, Abercrombie, and Grossman. Rulers of the Realm Talk Epic Fantasy
I don't know if it was because of the panel title or a reflection on the media focus of the attendees, but the panel room was about 2/3 full of the 1,000 seats for that room. Martin plus other authors gets less than 700. Martin with GOT cast gets 6,500+ in hall H. Normally, you could attribute the lower attendance to the people waiting for the after panel signing session, but there wasn't one for this panel.
Welcome to Rereading Melanie Rawn: The Dragon Prince Trilogy!
Glad to see Melanie getting some notice here. Her current series from Tor books is quite good, too. Melanie has been at Phoenix Comicon the last couple of years making new fans and reconnecting with older fans.
The Contradictions of Diane Duane
This appears to be the most recent word on the fourth book from Diane. She does have an e-book omnibus edition available now. On a side note, I have had Diane and Peter Morwood as guests at two conventions and they are very good guests and fun to chat and hang with.
How Much of George R. R. Martin’s The Winds of Winter is Out So Far?
I don't think broke his website, but all the news reports about the new chapter definitely sent more traffic than it could handle. George's LJ is still accessible, though:
Kevin J. Anderson Begins His Comic Con Tour of America This Week!
FYI, Unless plans have changed, Phoenix Comicon is not part of Kevin's tour. There will be about 70 other authors on hand, though, including many from Tor, Del Rey, Ace, and Angry Robot. Lee Whiteside Books and Authors Manager, Phoenix Comicon
Words of Radiance and the Art of Creating Epic Fantasy
After seeing this, I'm glad I was able to have Brandon and Melanie Rawn on a couple of panels last year at Phoenix Comicon!
Classic Doctors Are Here! “The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot” is a Perfect Gift to Fans
After having seen Peter's short films done for the Gallifrey One convention, I was looking forward to this and it didn't disappoint. Those films are available under his account on vimeo.
Classic Doctor Who: Parodies
There's also the original fan fiction/crossover The Doctor and the Enterprise by Jean Airey. Details at . For other skits, several BBC ones are also included on the orignal video release of The Curse of Fatal Death (Lenny Henry, French and Suanders).
Rags & Bones Sweepstakes!
Been looking forward to this. Not just the stories bu Art from Charles Vess!
“What the f**k happened here?” Ben Aaronovitch’s Broken Homes
In fairness, the series will be moving to DAW with this release in February. Maybe future ones will be closer?
Here’s All the Important Stuff That Happened at San Diego Comic Con 2013
There's a post summarizing all the comics stuff over on Heidi MacDonald's Comics Beat website (as well as a number of other summary posts) that covers all the comics news. A previous attempt to post a link never got approved by Stubby, so I'm pointing people there without an actual link...
Announcing John Scalzi’s The Human Division Tour!
FYI, the web page for Phoenix Comicon is (Not sure why they linked to a Star Wars messge base post about it). Lots of other authors (including about a half dozen other Tor authors), a Babylon 5 20th Anniversary Reunion, and some other special stuff not yet announced is in the works.
Six-Gun Snow White Signed Sweepstakes!
We would definitely like some more signed Cat (from someone who had a book bag full of things to sign when she was in Tempe recently).
Convention Report: Gallifrey One 2013, Day Three
And, if you ventured into the other programming rooms, you got to see some fun panels with some of the behind the scense people (not just Doctor Who ones), a very adult look at what it is like filming Game of Thrones with Finn Jones (moderated by Tony Lee), the fans influencing the future line of Doctor Who DVD releases via their feedback, a discussion on old fans versus new fans and a whole lot more. For a good summation of the weekend, check out Ed Stradling's video filmed and edited over the weekend and screened during closing ceremonies: Yes, there were lines, but mainly for autographs and waiting for rooms to be opened. For someone, who had been to 22 of the previous 23 Gallifrey Ones, I very much enjoyed the 24th edition.
6 Things You Don’t Remember About The Real Ghostbusters Cartoon
My favorite story from jms about his working on the show is how they had to change Janine's glasses to be round instead of pointy because children don't like pointy things....
All Alone in the Night: When Babylon 5 Invented 21st Century Fandom
Nice to see all the good comments and reminiscing following this article. Definitely time for a Babylon 5 rewatch for the 20th Anniversary. For those of you who have read all this way in the thread, you might want to keep Memorial Day weekend open on your calendars.....
All Alone in the Night: When Babylon 5 Invented 21st Century Fandom
Nice summary of the influence and impact of Babylon 5. As someone who was there at the Dawn of Babylon 5 fandom ( posted the Babylon 5 Frequently Asked Questions List to various online newsgroups), it's good to see some acknowledgement of that. With the 20th Anniversary coming up next year, I'm hoping to see more stuff like this. For an archive of Straczynski's posts from those days, check out
Darrell K. Sweet, 1934-2011
That is sad to hear. We had Darrell as a guest at LepreCon earlier this year. He told some good stories and it was neat to see some of his original pieces of art on display. Our thoughts are with his family. Lee Whiteside LepreCon 37 Chair

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