Five Books About Weird Spies

What about some Christopher Stasheff "Warlock in Spite of Himself"  and all of the ones about his son as well.  For detective mystery I always enjoy Garrett P.I. from Glen Cook.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Rewatch: There is no Joyce in Bloodville
I first watched this with my daughter when she was about 12 or 13 when it aired and it helped introduce the topic for us to talk about in a real way. Last year we lost her brother, my step-son in an accident that left him in a coma for a month before we finally let him pass. There were many times I switched roles but most times I had to play Giles and Tara and just be the rock for everyone. Its a role that I continue to have to play now for the benefit of her and the rest of the family, while privately I agonized like Anya over the imposiblility of him being there everyday and now hes no where to be found. The different roles gave me a name for what I was doing and what others were doing at the time. I could see they were doing the Willow thing with the sweater or my sons friends doing the Xander and beating at walls in frustration. Being able to put a name on exploding and uncontrolable feelings is the first step in guiding them weather others or your own. One of the few shows that ever really gave me someting solid to use in real life.
Picturing Horses
For mechanical horses I always loved the covers of Christopher Stasheff's Warlock series. Stephen Hickman's Fess was the way I always pictured him to be. Just my two cents. Liked everything you picked as well. Link to cover
5 Wheel of Time Stories I Want to Read Post-A Memory of Light (and 4 Others)
Hey everyone has done a great job of hitting almost everthing I want to know about as well. One thing I want to know about though is the relationship if any that will happen between the Seanchans ogier and the local ogiers. How did the Seanchan ogiers survive the breaking and not having a stedding to live in. Vote also for Tam's story, leaving the (shire) farm and learning to fight. @13 Yes I also noticed Loials song and wondered if that was the song sought but I have read plenty of reasons why that is not so by now.
The Wheel of Time: A Memory of Light Spoiler Review
Just finished this morning, could not take off from work the last two days and have been dealing with the crud as well but I had to spend the rest of the time plowing through this ending, eager for each new detail of the story's end. Yes, I can see exquisite as the best word to describe this story. Yet there are places where I definitely wanted more. I almost want to anticipate the director's cut to be coming out soon. It felt like a great movie that had to come under a time limit and so scenes had to be thrown out or only given lip service. I will wait for the read through to comment/discuss more. I also wanted the tinkers to find the song but I thought Loiol's song of growth during one of the battles could be the one. I liked what Gawyn tried to accomplish but thought that some where the acknowledgement of the rings acquirement should have been noted in one of the interactions between Egwene and Tuon. What can I say I have been reading and rereading this series since the start over twenty-plus years ago; longer then I was married, longer then my children have been alive and I want it to be all and everything that I loved when I first began the story. That's all, but I am "Satisfied". Everyone take care until the reread. Thomas
The Wheel of Time: A Memory of Light Spoiler-Free Review
I finally have the book and will start soon reading to my hearts content. Back in my early twenties I said to one of my good friends that the way Jordan was writing there was a good chance one or both of us would not be around for the end of this story. Obviously I am here for it now but I have been very careful the last month making sure I did nothing that could even smack of being dangerous. No walking under ladders, safe driving ext. I will sit down tonight and try to loose myself once again in the story that I have been coming back to for the last twenty odd years. Ifs been a rough year, I lost my son at age 23 and I have had my hands full trying to keep my daughter and ex. sane while we adjust/morn/cry over his early departure from our current lives. Knowing that I had another ending to look forward/dread this January while I get another year older is a strange blessing that distracts from other thoughts. You know I could not find a single midnight release happening in Amarillo but I was there bright and early in the morning to get my copy. I hope that this will be the start of a great new year and maybe I will find another great story to follow that will get me through the latter years of my life like this one accompanied me these earlier ones. I want to thank Jordan and his wife for making sure there was an ending. Sanderson for making it happen for us. Leigh for being a new kind of partner in reading the stories again. Thanks and God bless, Thomas
Imager’s Battalion Sweepstakes!
Yearg dontcha be handing out these with out sharing some of the booty with me. ----- please.
The Wheel of Time Re-read: Towers of Midnight, Part 24
I hate for you to be conflicted Leigh
For which I am grateful, if rather conflicted over. Because, on the one hand, it's good that Morgase decides not to let her previous victimization prevent her from seeking her own happiness. Yay for taking back your power, and all that. But on the other hand, there's a slightly unpleasant subtext here that implies that Morgase could never have regained her own agency as a person before finally finding the right man, which is a little "ugh"-inducing.
But look at it this way, most of her problems were caused by her involvement; voluntary or not with the wrong men. Making a choice of a partner that she can trust, someone who does not care about her being a queen or not; must be one of the most self affirming choices a "Queen" can make. Certainly not a choice she has ever been able to make before for herself. My point, for your benefit is that making the choice itself is significant of her moving forward not that a man was necessary for the choice to matter. Great post, hope you get better, also getting under the weather change myself, sinus infection incoming. Going to have to dig out the humidifier.
Firefly: A Celebration Sweepstakes!
Wuh duh ma huh tah duh fong kwong duh wai shung: yes please sign me up. Thank you Tor, Thomas
The Wheel of Time Re-read: Towers of Midnight, Part 12
Sorry for family troubles hope they get better or are resolved for the better. Loved Mat, not sure Elayne was genuine when she caught on so fast to use of cannons to solve some of her problems. Also on seperate thought was trying to put name in sweepstakes for Wheel of Time back packs and it was already closed even though it said it would be taking names till 12:00 Pm on the First. Did it blow up or what. I would have used it at work in the schools I fix computers at. Take care all of you, Thomas
Not Quite NeverNever: The Dresden Files
Read the first few books first and eagerly awaited the season only to see it go away like others before it. Always kept to my own mental image of Harry vs Blackthorne (He was great but physically he needed be a little broader in the shoulders and a little younger) but no matter what Bob in the books sounds like Bob in the series now and I dont care that she's not blonde but Murphy has been Valeri Cruz ever since. I recently saw her on something else cant think what at the moment but she is still awsome. Sorry to see the show go would have loved to see where they could have taken it.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Rewatch: Vamp of a Thousand Faces
Excellent job, everyones said everything I even hald thought about so I will leave you with one thought. What if Willow had kept the hooker outfit on instead of the ghost one over it in Halloween. I forget was it a hooker outfit or a bad kitty. What cool things might she have learned. Hey dont throw things at me, I was only kidding.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Worst Part is the Stains
Since I am frothing to write anyway, let me talk about the one thing that I wanted from Buffy/Angel that I never really got much of. Can you guess, it was stories about earlier Slayers. I would have loved to see Buffy getting whole stories/dreams of earlier slayers fighting the good fight, loving, being betrayed and eventually dying. I know some were written but I never caught any of those. I just always expected there to be more in the series of slayers gone by.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Worst Part is the Stains
I like yours but since mine was similar but way wordier Ill consider it said and just add a couple of things. Hellmouth, Council and homegrown Vampire Hunters. See way too much time to think on these things. First I think that Hellmouth activity affects Slayer location. I forget when but I remember it being said that the Hellmouth moves around occasionaly and opens other places when things align and such. Also that the Hellmouth attracts the supranatural. So there you have the moth and the flame drawing baddies and maybe creating some baddies right where the Slayer is going to be active. I mean Buffy first gets her powers in Los Angeles only an hour or so away from Sunndale where the mouth is trying to reopen. ( I really dont remember how far Sunny is from LA but I did not think it was too far.) The council seems to be in the business of watching out for hot spots and has agents that presumably do more then move paper and sit on their collective behinds when they find them. They were reponsible for Buffy's mom getting her job in Sunnydale to get her to move there and put Buffy right in the middle of ground zero. They would probably be working to cull any wild life elsewhere in the world maybe even pointing them in the direction of Sunnydale if they thought they needed too. (Spike and Drusilla?) Hunters (ala Holt from Angel) or "Rogue Demon Hunters" or local gangs of homeless (Gunn) who for personal reasons go after the suprernatural critters in their local area would also keep their population down. You also have the critter who knows that to keep safe they must keep a very low profile or they will run into the people above. Most of the bad guys also know that too much snacking might wake up the sleeping giant that is the rest of the population. Clue in the whole world of humans and vampires will make a quick footnote in the 'extinct are we' newspaper. Also some critters seem to like to take other critters out. Also again realized more from Angel then Buffy, there are plenty who are assimilated more or less into the regular population already. So there's my dollar added to Dell's two cents. Reread it and realized I left out a whole other section which would be under the labels of Religion and Government. You problably have whole secret sects going after some critters like the ones that were after Glory in season 5. Holt got help from some religious refugees from Spains revolt against the inquisition when he captured Angel in Rome. Then you of course have your secret goverment agencies which Riley left and then rejoined when he left. Given all that its a wonder the poor critters ever stick there heads up above ground at all.
Andre Norton and Me
The Jargoon Pard, Daybreak-2250 A.D., Witch World and Year of the Unicorn, Catseye were my best memeories of reading her books. Thanks, for reminding me.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Worst Part is the Stains
Here it is the quintessential mind fudge that I have ever seen. Poor Xander, I mean even if he wasn't a raging bowl of hormones already; to have the object of his every dream give him the come on and then ratchet him up the flag pole just to let him drop was sheer torment. Especially when it was the first time watched, rewatching is just not the same. We know by then that everything works out ok, but the first time, biatch what a thing to do to a guy who saved your life. I wanted to punch the wall. I want to call this Xander low point #2. I think being teacher's pet/baby food back in S1 was LP #1. Correct me if I am wrong please cause I may be forgetting something. Of course he has a few more to go this year. We ought to keep track of these. Esp. as we get closer to "I am not everyone's buttmonkey".
The Release Date for A Memory of Light Has Been Set
I so thought it would be cool to have this book out in the year of the dragon but oh well if I die before the finish just read it over my grave. Nevermind just checked out the chinese new year doesn't start till Feb 10 2013 so it will still be year of the dragon when it comes out. Still cool then.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Big Bad, Version 1.0
Not to be "yes, yes, yes hands up girl" but I thought Master got trapped when he tried to open the Hellmouth not close it. Otherwise I agree almost totally with everything said here already. Buff, Xander power of youth check. Giles, Angel been through to many wars where the good guy doesn't always win. Acceptable losses and all that jazz. I only ever had one problem with the way this season ended and it was the complete disconnect given when Xander saves Buffy because Angel has no breath. Sorry buddy but if your speaking your lungs are still bellowing. Angel may not have any use for the oxygen in the air he is breathing but you have to be able to blow that air through that throat and tongue and teeth if you expect sound to come out as speech. So that one thing always bothers me in an otherwise kick ass story. I can see that Xander needed to be the hero here in some aspect and mouth to mouth is great but a better reason or different one should have been used then what was given as why Angel couldn't. Even no reason, just that Xander got to her first and started CPR before him or maybe that Angel just did not know how to save someone that way would have been better then that lame excuse. Oh and she had a great dress, can't forget to mention that.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Scoobies Assemble!
Whoa we really got way off of season one. But who cares, there were plenty of regrets on my part with how Xanders and Anya's relationship went but I liked that Joss kept Xander's problems with his own family important in his continuing character development. Xander's greatest fear was always about becoming like his parents esp, his father. He hung onto his teens as hard as he could to keep from having to make choices that might lead to being that man. I forget exactly (time to rewatch) but there were many times he referenced his dad and mom as abusive and alcoholics. No wonder he found hanging out with witches, werewolves and slayers in graveyards as very preferable to a night at home. When the guy who gave him the head trip before his wedding showed him the worst outcomes of his pending nuptial bliss, no wonder he headed for the hills. That and her hairy toes. uggg
The Wheel of Time Re-read: The Gathering Storm, Part 17
I have to agree with 15 drewlovs on Gawyn for my part but I thought that it was interesting that I think that this is the first male perspective we get on Lelaine. I mean before this I had an older female character in my head when I thought of her and Romanda. All in all I think it was actually another shot at showing that her character had her own ambitious plans that may be different then Egwene's. As far as Rand goes well there are a lot of bumps on the way down to rock bottom.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Scoobies Assemble!
Cogitated some more about Xanders appeal vs. Buffy's and I decided that this was one of the first shows where it wasn't the lead character that I identified. I mean when I watched the show I did not want to be Buffy I wanted to be that guy who had her back that had that friendship and loyalty for someone. Xander was the "everyman" from the beginning. Willow grew to be the everywoman/ or person however you want to read it, but from the first season it was Xander who was the most approachable character. Xander was a fallible, hormone driven mess but then most of us were at that age. So I guess part of that is remembering all the insanity of high school and Xander wraps that picture all up in one package. Ok I am thru cogitating for now, sorry if I am beating a dead horse. Ok have to say it one more time, buttmonkey.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Scoobies Assemble!
All the scoobies are cool but it was the Xander character that was identifiable for me. Willow was great but other then telling the Cordett's to use the Delete key to "Deliver" I could not relate as well to her as I could to Xander. Later shows and seasons not withstanding what made me start watching the show was the relationship between Xander and Buffy. Later I liked watching the show with my daughter so she could see that a girl could kick butt too. Skip the first season how else are you going to know what Xander means when he's tired of dating the monster girls, getting the funny diseases and being a butt monkey it all starts here.
A Read of Ice and Fire: A Clash of Kings, Part 4
Hmm Varys in Songs cooler then Verin in Wheel of Time? The same kind of catalyst to those around them? I think Varys has a ways to go but he sure seems on the right track.
A Read of Ice and Fire: A Clash of Kings, Part 2
Well I would kill them all and keep the gold and tell everyone they did each other in. Thats my two cents and Im sticking two it.
Brandon Sanderson Has Finished A Memory of Light
Beware Snoopy dance commencing now!!! Ghaaah now I have to stay alive and able to move right arm and eyes for at least another few months to a year depending on who you read.
Two Sisters Bond Through Dungeons & Dragons in She Kills Monsters
Sounds very interesting, but for us few people that are no where near, is there a recording of the play that may be watched?
We Can Do Bad All By Ourselves: The Wheel of Time Roundtable, Week 2
Wow subby (@10) you sound like your coming down with something awful, maybe Texalytis or something worse. I agree with you though if there was one state that could take on all the others and beat their collective butts it would have to be that singular, lone beacon of greatness that is Texas. So in that aspect I could agree with you. I'll also second your vote for Johnny B Goode but I would also dedicate to you personnally that old relic The Eyes of Texas just in case you come down with that sticky throat problem again. You know us crazies always concerned with peoples health. Yall have a great Thanksgiving and such, cya.
The Wheel of Time Re-read: The Gathering Storm, Part 3
Hey Leigh "And if everything you have is invested in simply bulling through whatever is in your way, what happens when you encounter something which does not submit to such treatment?". Why then you marry her.
The Wheel of Time Re-read: Knife of Dreams, Part 21
Always thought the fake Rand in the vision was showing that there was a fake death that would give Rand his freedom and give all the responsibility to a future Logain. My two cents.
A Read of Ice and Fire: A Game of Thrones, Part 21
asssssssstronomical I love it hhahahahahahahahah ohh catch my breath. HMm do we have a plate or bowl of swords so we can have gastonomical jokes assss well. "how was your food sir?" . " Well it was a bit rusty but very good just the same." How often would the king die of lock jaw after being on the throne a few years. Tetanus anyone.
The Wheel of Time Re-read: Knife of Dreams, Part 19
10 cpt I thought about that also but concluded that increasing the number of people involved with the circles would have made it safer but would have also made it less likely that the Black sister would have broke her cover to reveal herself. Doing my best to understand the plan thats the way I see it. Wouldn't the dark friend warders not have been as crazed with Careane's death as any other. wondering.
Ridley Scott Returns to Blade Runner
I agree about Rugar being ireplaceable but I am not looking for end of his life Roy but for just born Roy four years earlier and what the world/space did to him to turn him into the man we get deserting and making his way back to Earth to live longer Roy. Did he start out in a mature body or did he grow up inside a year. Was he trained or implanted with soldier knowledge or both. Do we have a Soldier (movie with ol Kurt) training or is it more wake up and here's your gun go fight. Those are questions I have and would like explored by a prequal. As an for an actor you would need someone who could pull off no soul at first and then a developing one. Maybe Franco he has done well lately.
Ridley Scott Returns to Blade Runner
I would be interested in a prequal. One that gets into the tribulations and battles that Roy Batty endured, You could get away with a slightly younger Rugar look alike and stay with the origional idea of the ambiguity between replicants and humanity. Get into what the frontiers were becoming in this futuristic look at humanity with replicants being used to scout, build, protect and ultimately used to fight and decide who is in control out in space. Yeah I could watch a movie like that.
A Read of Ice and Fire: A Game of Thrones, Part 18
77. RobMRobM I guess familliarity had hidden that from my sight. Appreciate your help. Thanks, Thomas
A Read of Ice and Fire: A Game of Thrones, Part 18
Color me ignorant but I have read many times how you can go back and edit your comments but I never see where that is avaiable when I am logged in. If some one can take a sec to point that out or me in the right direction I would appreciate. Thanks,
Things to Do in Chicago When You’re Dead. Ghost Story by Jim Butcher
Picked it up immediately and finished it late in the morning. As usual I cant put a Dresdend story down until its done and then I go into severe withdrawl. Agree with everything you said but tell me if you almost didn't wipe your eyes when D finally met back up with Mouse, dogs get me everytime. Very inteligent, big as a pony and tough as a tank dogs with hearts of gold do me in even faster. Wasn't there a contest back aways about which character had the best pet or companion. Don't remember who won but Mouse should have been a contenter. Cant wait to see whats in store in the next book.
The Wheel of Time Re-read: Knife of Dreams, Part 12
I dont know how this sounds to others but if I was expecting to be married for 2 or 3 hundred years it may be benenficial to my long term sanity to just go ahead and accept that the woman will eventually get her way and be done with it. Would save on a lot of strife. Then I could just get back to work and not worry about it all. I could also say hey you chose me to end any argument. Yeah maybe this isn't a bad way to do things at all. Just thinking out loud.
Joel Rosenberg, 1954-2011
One of my favorite authors when I was growing up, his stories always made me laugh and think. What more can you ask of a great story teller. I will miss his work.
Is Steven Moffat Tearing Apart the Fabric of Fiction?
As far as babies go I never was quite sure about Roary. Was he still a machine or not. I guess it was the christmas special that messes with me was that before or after everything was fixed by fixing the crack? If so why was he back in his roman gear or would remember that he had worn it before? Certain I missed something or have something out of order. Let me know. Thanks.
The Wheel of Time Re-read: Crossroads of Twilight, Part 14
I wonder if Halima was doing more then blocking her dreams but was trying to intercept them. I mean he was already getting priceless info being at the center of AS power out side of the tower but if he could intercept Egs dreams then he could really know what was coming.
The Wheel of Time Re-read: Crossroads of Twilight, Part 5
I think that Mat just reads the situation correctly and handles Egeanin just the right way which is to do things his own way and if she gets to be to much just offer a visit to the kidnapped princess to make her go away. The romance between Mat and Tuon reminds me of a younger Richard Castle and Kate Beckett. Smart and sassy all the way.
Win an ARC of John Scalzi’s Upcoming Little Fuzzy Reboot: Fuzzy Nation
Put me down for my chance, would like to see a dam*a*thing stop me from reading it first chance. (If you read the book you would know what it is at least as I remember.)
It Ain’t Sci-Fi If the Tears Don’t Fall
The death of Rod Gallowglass and Fess. Even before that the death of Gwen Gallowglass. Magnus coming home. Is the most recent story to pull salt from my eyes. The first was Ole Yeller and Where the Red Fern Grows. In between were many already mentioned. Hienlein, Zelanzy, Hal dying, Silent Running (more robots), McCaffery(esp. some of her short stories)Star Trek, Babylon 5, some Buffy and the ending of Angel / death(?) of Wesley and earlier Fred, "why cant I stay?" and they almost had me when Wes thought he had just killed his father the first time I watched it. Then of course last part of Armageddon (Bruce baby don't do it, let Ben take the hit). I guess death scenes are the ones that get me most. Then there was that one time when I watched some Australian man who use to be cool doing Hamlet while I drank a six pack. I think the alcohol explains everything. Then you also have anything that resembles the Alamo in anyway shape or form will choke me up cause I am a Texan and its in our dna.
Classic Science Fiction Tearjerkers
The death of Rod Gallowglass and Fess. Even before that the death of Gwen Gallowglass. Magnus coming home. Is the most recent story to pull salt from my eyes. The first was Ole Yeller and Where the Red Fern Grows. In between were many already mentioned. Hienlein, Zelanzy, Hal dying, Silent Running (more robots), McCaffery(esp. some of her short stories)Star Trek, Babylon 5, some Buffy and the ending of Angel / death(?) of Wesley and earlier Fred, "why cant I stay?" and they almost had me when Wes thought he had just killed his father the first time I watched it. Then of course last part of Armegeddon (Bruce baby dont do it, let Ben take the hit). I guess death scenes are the ones that get me most. Then there was that one time when I watched some Aulstrailan man who use to be cool doing Hamlet while I drank a six pack. I think the alcohol explains everything. Then you also have anything that resembles the Alamo in anyway shape or form will choke me up cause I am a Texan and its in our dna.
The Wheel of Time: Towers of Midnight Spoiler Review
Ok everyone has been touting off Fain as Golum, but now I wonder if Lanfear wont end up being the sacrifice at the end of this or to close the core?
The Wheel of Time Re-read: Winter’s Heart, Part 2
Sorry the First Sister Ritual was always a moment of awsomeness for both of them to me. It was the biggest first step in the relationship between Rand and his girls that made some future "whatever is going to happen" possible.
The Shadow Rising ebook cover by Sam Weber
After looking at this everyday for a couple of months now I think that Matt should be played by Nicholas Brendon (Xander Harris). He coould play him very well and he looks the part.
The Wheel of Time Re-read: A Crown of Swords, Part 24
Finally it has happened I am able to post and it not be condidered spam. four months of repling that only comes back to tell me that somebody in administration will review my reply and what I dont know. Free at last Free at last. Unfourtunatly I am out of time to say anything that is more interesting then that. Catch yall later. Garstzilla

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