How You Ruined the Hugos
I found Amal El-Mohtar's essay about awards promotion the best of this year's crop of objections and counter-objections. Sometimes the people who are shyest about self-promotion are the ones with the best stuff to promote, so I'd rather see this kind of promotion accepted rather than stigmatized to the point where only the brashest are engaging in it. Personally, I welcome the posts, because they help me find new stuff to read that I might have otherwise overlooked.
British Genre Fiction Hitlist: Early October New Releases
Ancillary Justice is TERRIFIC science fiction and well worth picking up.
So THAT’s where that went! The Borrowers
I loved those books so much as a child that I've been reluctant to watch the Miyazaki movie. Thanks for the reassurance that I can!
Suffragette Steampunk
I love a lot of these figures; it may well be my favorite historical period.
Clockwork Fairies
Nope, but that's one of the splits that came up.
Clockwork Fairies
Thank you all for the feedback! I know Claude's an unsympathetic character - that's one thing my writing group gave me pretty mixed reactions to - so I was curious to find out how readers would react to it. Isn't that the LOVELIEST illustration ever? I've got it on my phone just so I can show it to people.

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