Past Forward: Three Comics That Remember the Future Like It Was Yesterday
Good show, @BMunro -- funny to think that the '70s envisioned us getting callous to recreational murder as a live-action pastime in itself in the same way naysayers claim videogames will foster mass-killings now though the evidence remains flimsy 40 years later. Talking these timelines over with you reminds me of Death Race 2000 and Quintet, too -- perhaps '70s sci-fi was mostly expressing its geek creators (and us geek enthusiasts') mortal phobia of sports :-).
Past Forward: Three Comics That Remember the Future Like It Was Yesterday
You're right @Michael_GR, it's a *classic* future, or as I heard J. Hoberman say (whether he coined it or not; the timelines are fuzzy), "the obsolete future" -- the *contemporary* future of the 1980s was more Gibsonian, as you say, just like the contemporary future of the 1970s was chic sterile dystopia, drug-numbed government control and gladiatorial violence (Clockwork Orange, Rollerball) or squalid urban barbarism (Soylent Green) -- though the flying-car future was still lying around...even is today to a certain extent; it goes back at least as far as Fritz Lang's Metropolis and remains as the high-tech fairytale version of where humanity can go; no less in the '80s. @BMunro, I agree too, though I like the inevitable seepage of various decades' outlooks into each other -- that overlapping perspective in works of fantasy and revised historical scholarship is the closest thing we get to real-life interference between time periods. @puck, I'm pleased and proud to see Image become a mainstream, since it's stayed an alternative own comics waver on that line, and these days the big companies are in a symbiosis with crowdfunding which goes beyond mere swooping in...
Wait, Joss Whedon Said Whaaat About Avengers 2?
Maybe "red" refers to the crucial, still-unresolved mystery over whether we'll see glow-in-the-dark-paint Vision or Christmas-color-scheme Vision? We're burying the lead here! :-)

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