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Wayne Barlowe

Fiction and Excerpts [1]

Fiction and Excerpts [1]

Read Chapter One of Wayne Barlowe’s The Heart of Hell

Wayne Barlowe returns to the epic dark fantasy world of God’s Demon with The Heart of Hell, where rival demons war for control of the infernal domain.

Sargatanas has Ascended and the doomed, anguished souls have found themselves emancipated. Hell has changed… hasn’t it? The demons, wardens of the souls, are free of their inmates…

And the damned, liberated from their terrible torments, twisted and bent but thankful that they are no longer forced to be in proximity to their fearsome jailors, rejoice. But something is stirring under the surface of Hell’s ceaseless carnage…

The Heart of Hell is available from Tor Books on July 2nd. Check out Chapter One below!

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