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W.L. Goodwater

Five Books With Manipulated Memories

So much of our identities are inextricably intertwined with our experiences—good and bad—and our convictions, choices, personalities, and passions are all informed by what has come before. Therefore if someone could rewrite your memories, they could rewrite you. If magic or technology could make you forget your own name or convince you that you were desperately in love with a stranger, how could you trust anything? Who would you be?

Each of these five wonderful books wrestles with the implications of manipulated memories in their own way, asking often heartbreaking questions: What is the cost of forgetting the sins of the past? How do our shared memories bind us together, and how can losing them tear us apart? Who decides if a life can be erased? But what these books all have in common is how they highlight—even in worlds full of magic and monsters—something so mundane, something so human: the value and the frailty of our memories.

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Series: Five Books About…

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