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Ted Kosmatka

Fiction and Excerpts [1]

Fiction and Excerpts [1]

Five Novels with Different Cosmological Outlooks

One of the things that’s different about human beings is that we alone, as far as we know, tell ourselves stories about how the universe came to be. Other animals may communicate—may sing, may cry, may signal intent—but we alone create narratives about our own existence.

From ancient civilizations carving hieroglyphics on stone walls, to modern scientists filling tomes with the hieroglyphics of mathematics, we’ve always sought to define our place in the universe. The lens through which we view the world has passed through countless iterations, beginning with ancient myths, and later variously transitioning to Plato, Einstein, and Quantum mechanics.

With that in mind, I’ve picked out five books that touch upon or reference different cosmological outlooks.

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Series: Five Books About…

The Flicker Men

Eric Argus is a washout. His prodigious early work clouded his reputation and strained his sanity. But an old friend gives him another chance, an opportunity to step back into the light. With three months to produce new research, Eric replicates the paradoxical double-slit experiment to see for himself the mysterious dual nature of light and matter. A simple but unprecedented inference blooms into a staggering discovery about human consciousness and the structure of the universe.

His findings are celebrated and condemned in equal measure. But no one can predict where the truth will lead. And as Eric seeks to understand the unfolding revelations, he must evade shadowy pursuers who believe he knows entirely too much already.

Ted Kosmatka’s sci-fi thriller The Flicker Men is available July 21st from Henry Holt & Co.

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