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Tahmeed Shafiq

Adulthood Meets Adolescence in Young Justice: Phantoms

The DC animated show Young Justice has a problem: its heroes aren’t exactly young anymore.

What started out as a series about the adolescent sidekicks of mainstream Justice Leaguers like Batman and Martian Manhunter has become, as some fans put it, the generic DC show, stuffed with heroes and villains of all ages.

Showrunners Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman abandoned the tight focus on a core group of teen heroes from season two, opting instead to include more adult heroes, though the drama still centered around the original crew. Season three took things even further, as the adult Justice Leaguers became involved in a cold war between the heroes of Earth and Darkseid.

Season four (also called Young Justice: Phantoms), which finished airing in early June, has been an attempt to restore the show’s original focus.

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