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T.L. Huchu

Five Easy Steps Towards Monetizing Your Magical Practice

The following is written in the voice of Ropa Moyo, a ghosttalker who makes a living carrying the messages of the departed in T.L. Huchu’s The Library of the Dead—available from Tor Books. Who better to offer career advice than a cynical teen caught in the shadowy magical underside of modern Edinburgh?

So you’ve just discovered you have the ability to see ghosts. Congratulations! This is such a rare and potentially marketable talent, which you should be thinking about exploiting as soon as you get over the shock, fear and other associated emotional responses you may experience from witnessing the dead walk among us. The dead and their survivors have needs postmortem, and research shows exponential growth in the service industry for ghostalkers, mediums, bereavement counsellors, funeral directors, and other associated professions.

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