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Steve Kamb

Subverting Expectations: Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn

I started reading Mistborn: The Final Empire while I was deep in my own research for my first book, Level Up Your Life, a strategy guide for people to look at life like an adventure and live out the real-life version of the Hero’s Journey. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a concept that many great stories in history—from the Bible and the tales of King Arthur through The Lord of the Rings—follow a specific arc: a fish out of water befriends a mentor, receives a call to action, embarks on an extraordinary journey, faces tribulations and recruits allies, saves the day, and returns home a changed person.

Having just gone on a reading spree (tearing through The Warded Man, The Kingkiller Chronicles, and A Song of Ice and Fire), I was wary of starting another sprawling epic series that would consume my life. After avoiding Mistborn: The Final Empire in my Kindle queue for well over a year, after hearing about it from so many freaking people, I finally broke down and started reading.

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