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The Lit Monster: Gaga Goes Genre

Lady Gaga announced today at a Famecon press conference that she is moving beyond the dance floor and into the literary world’s hottest pop trend, monster lit. Wuthering Frights is Lady Gaga’s mash-up of Emily Brontë’s bad romance on the moors and will be out from Tor July 30, just in time for Brontë’s birthday.

“Listen,” the Grammy-winning diva said about Frights, “It’s a complete re-modernization. Instead of moors we have dance floors, and believe me when I tell you the shadows and ghosts in the LES club scene are just as heavy as they were in nineteenth century England.”

When asked why she wanted to revamp Wuthering Heights, Lady GaGa explained: “Listen, the allusions have already been there. If you listen to my music, you know love is nothing but a power game. Wuthering Heights is all about love games. I first got into [Heights] through Kate Bush’s song and thought it very beautiful. But that book—listen, Brontë needed some lipstick, okay!”

Critics will be unable to resist the parallels between the mash-up authoress and her borrowed heroine, who is determined to embrace culture by performing at paranormal dance clubs in what sounds reminiscent of Lady Gaga’s early career.

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