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Sharon Hsu

Cho Chang: Outsider, Insurgent, Builder of Bridges — Not Walls

Cho Chang, in her seven years at Hogwarts, never gets to see herself reflected in the heroes and histories of her school. She never sees herself reflected in its larger student body. This is what it means to be The Only One: there are so few role models for you, and every day you walk into the world you must gather your courage and your imagination. All the narratives surrounding Cho tell her, “Be smart. Be decorative. The most you can ever hope for is that a white boy will notice you, will make you the romantic heroine of his story.” She’s told, “You’re not good enough for The Chosen One. You’re not chosen by anyone.”

And yet, what does Cho do? She tries out for Seeker, a position held by boys in every other House, for a House team where boys play every position. Here, too, she is the only one, representing women, representing her people. There are whispers; of course there are. Are your eyes big enough to see the Snitch, Cho? Your kind aren’t really athletic, are they? What you’re really good for is distracting the boys on the other team, Cho, hike up your robes and flash them some leg, will you?

There is such loneliness, when you’re the only one.

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