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Sarah Parcak

Just Imagine the Possibilities: Neil Gaiman & Sarah Parcak on Archaeology From Space

It is a privileged few humans that get to see the Earth from space, that get to observe our planet in its most blue-marbley of forms. Archaeologist Sarah Parcak is one such human.

As a pioneer in the field of Space Archaeology, Parcak uses satellite imagery and algorithms to detect subtle clues that indicate things buried underground. She believes that archaeology helps us evolve as a culture, and that discovering new information about our past “will do nothing less than unlock the full potential of our existence.” Parcak and her team are uncovering lost artifacts, buried heroes, and discovering tools that help us rethink what we know about humanity on Earth.

But what happens when we start thinking beyond Earth? Would the same archaeological principals apply if we looked at alien civilizations, if we discovered evidence of life on another planet?

Neil Gaiman talked with Sarah Parcak about her work, what we have yet to discover, and the possibility of life beyond earth.

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