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Sarah Beth Durst

Five Books That Make You Wish You Had Magic

I was that kid who, every night before I went to bed, would check my closet for a way into Narnia. Every year, I put “magic wand” on my birthday wish list—and I didn’t mean a toy wand. I wanted the real deal. At age eleven, I was crushed when Merriman Lyon didn’t drop by to tell me I’m the Seeker, and I’m still waiting for my late-admissions letter to Hogwarts. So pretty much, I was destined to be a fantasy writer from a very early age.

My upcoming book The Queen of Blood, the first in a new epic fantasy series called The Queen of Renthia, is set in a world where it’s dangerous to not have magic—and even more dangerous to have it. It’s a world filled with bloodthirsty nature spirits, and only certain women have the power to control them and keep them from killing all humans. Daleina desperately wants to be one of those women—a queen—but she wasn’t born with much magic in her. She’s the opposite of the Chosen One; it’s not supposed to be her destiny to save the world, but she’s determined to work hard to change her fate. So she teams up with a banished warrior to try to become powerful enough to protect her people.

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