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Zombie Hand-to-Hand Combat: A Defensive Primer

When it comes to surviving an attack of flesh-hungry corpses, we’ve heard this simple instruction over and over again: Fire one into the skull. Blast them in the brain. Shoot them in the head. Unfortunately, the reality of such a feat is far different from what we see on film. Let’s ignore the fact that a head shot on a moving, albeit slow, target is not an easy one to make, and address the detail that, depending on which statistic you read, anywhere from 34-48% of US citizens own a firearm. That leaves more than 50% of us SOL when the dead rise. The rest of the world, with its stricter gun ownership restrictions, would fare even worse.

Even if you are packing heat when the inevitable zombie apocalypse occurs, there is nearly a 100% chance you will have to engage in hand-to-hand combat. Perhaps your weapon jams. Perhaps you have run out of ammunition. Perhaps the sound of a discharged firearm will draw more walking corpses to your position. For those times when the only path to safety lies in the knowledge of your mind and the strength in your body, the information below will prove most useful.

[Honing your zombie-fu]

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