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Rob Hart

5 Books About Humans Making a Mess of Things

You read the news, and it’s almost like there’s a lot of fodder these days for fiction writers. Probably too much! And I have to wonder: as writers, do we mine those things as a form of therapy? Do we do it to warn people about the terrors we see on the horizon? Does the reality make our jobs harder because the news has a distinct tinge of stranger-than-fiction?

Probably all three of those things!

The Warehouse was driven by my fear of late-stage capitalism, and how large corporations are turning employees into a disposable product. But I was also driven by books that dared me to dream a little bigger, that utilize all those fears plugging up our social media feeds. Here are five books that mold our current state of constant anxiety into thoughtful, timely, terrifying fiction. Books that stick with you for a long time after you read them. At least, they stuck with me. And they’re all rooted in the idea that the things that are supposed to make us great—justice, capitalism, democracy—are actually the things constructing our downfall.

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