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Rin Chupeco

5 Stories Where Nature Does Its Best to Kill You

The world, we’re always told, will last longer than we will ever do. Once the last human takes their final breath, Earth will still continue to flourish for millennia more, until the sun dies out millions of years from now. While life is fleeting, existence can take eons.

But sometimes nature isn’t willing to wait that long. Sometimes nature looks at us as how we sometimes act: as parasites that drain resources and contribute nothing back to the world, compromising its ability to endure longer. While real-life nature doesn’t possess the actual sentience to try and wipe us from the planet, it can still feel that way sometimes. But that’s what fiction is for. There’s a lot of books that posit the what-ifs of a nature that is actively trying to kill us, and these are five of my favorites.

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