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Peter Malloy

The Evolution of Zombie Video Games: A Brief Treatise

The zombie-human relationship is classic, beautiful, and unique. It is a dynamic cycle of constantly reversing roles with no definitive predator or prey. It is a deeply personal connection that, when explored in books and movies, is entertaining but not wholly satisfying.

Though we enjoy watching zombies shuffle around on screen, attempting to devour the brains of characters that—let’s be honest—we usually hope get eaten, we feel something’s missing. To fully appreciate the struggles of zombie survival, we know that we must try it firsthand. Only then can we understand the anxiety, the insanity, the sick satisfaction that comes with outlasting the undead. This is how we will begin to truly understand the zombies and perhaps…ourselves. But how? Will you need a machete? Yes, eventually. But also, like with many of life’s problems, there is a lazier solution. The answer is—of course—video games.

[Get ready for some close encounters of the dead kind…]

Series: Zombie Week

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