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Patty Templeton

A Noob’s Trip to Bordertown

Welcome to Bordertown has one of those covers that makes you want to read the book in public so everyone around you sees how awesome it is, and you by proxy. It’s all mad city, midsummer night magic…a motorcycle and ivy. Maybe if you’re lucky, someone yells “BORDERTOWN LIVES!” and you make a new friend…because they get it. They know.

I have not always known.

This was my first trip to Bordertown.

How did I miss twenty-plus-years of shared-world fantasy anthologies and novels? The Borderland series was the brain-child of Terri Windling, at the dawn of what we now call urban fantasy. Windling had a vision of myth, folklore, fantasy and music combining to create a dystopian metropolis populated by elves and humans for teen readers. When you start an anthology series with the likes of Charles de Lint, Ellen Kushner and Emma Bull, let alone art by Phil Hale, you are epically winning. So the Borderlands were born, and they have had a cult following ever since.

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