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Fiction and Excerpts [1]

Fiction and Excerpts [1]

Inside Sherwood Forest: Jenn Lyons and Nathan Makaryk Talk All Things Robin Hood

There are some stories we just keep coming back to: myths of great heroes, of Chosen Ones who save the world, of sources of light that lead us from the dark. These stories as passed down through generation and take many forms: some are told many times with slight changes to suit the times, some are changed to make the hero look more like the storyteller. Some become songs or plays or films. But no matter the shape these stories take, their core themes stay the same, and we relate to them over and over again.

The first whispers of Robin Hood began to show up in the 15th century, in epic poems and ballads. They tell of his skill as an archer, the band of Merry Men, and paint him as an advocate for the lower classes – a hero of the people. Robin Hood, in all his forms, is a man who uses his skills to correct what he sees as a great wrong – the exploitation of the people of England. And maybe this is why we keep coming back to the Robin Hood myth—he’s a hero who is one of us.

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Read the First Chapter of Nathan Makaryk’s Nottingham

No king. No rules.

England, 1191. King Richard is half a world away, fighting for God and his own ambition. Back home, his country languishes, bankrupt and on the verge of anarchy. People with power are running unchecked. People without are growing angry. And in Nottingham, one of the largest shires in England, the sheriff seems intent on doing nothing about it.

As the leaves turn gold in the Sherwood Forest, the lives of six people—Arable, a servant girl with a secret, Robin and William, soldiers running from their pasts, Marion, a noblewoman working for change, Guy of Gisbourne, Nottingham’s beleaguered guard captain, and Elena Gamwell, a brash, ambitious thief—become intertwined.

And a strange story begins to spread…

Nathan Makaryk’s epic and daring debut rewrites the Robin Hood legend, giving voice to those history never mentioned and challenging who’s really a hero and a villain. Nottingham publishes August 6th with Forge Books—read chapter one below, then head over to the Tor/Forge blog for chapter two!

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