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Michael Whelan

Michael Whelan’s Endpapers for Words of Radiance, Featuring Shallan

Tor Books is proud to reveal the endpapers for Brandon Sanderson’s upcoming Words of Radiance, sequel to the New York Times bestselling The Way of Kings! Artist Michael Whelan shares his thoughts on the process of designing the painting and on collaborating with Ben McSweeny. See preliminary sketches from both artists below!

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Series: The Stormlight Archive

Michael Whelan’s Cover for A Memory of Light Revealed

We are very excited to reveal the cover to A Memory of Light, the final volume of Robert Jordan’s epic fantasy series The Wheel of Time. The artwork for this final edition is by, arguably, one of today’s most beloved illustrators, Michael Whelan.

[The process behind the cover, sketches, and the full cover below]

Series: A Memory of Light

The Inspiration of Anne McCaffrey

I just heard the news about Anne McCaffrey’s passing and I’m at a loss for words. I can’t overstate her importance to the SF field, the influence she had on scores of writers and thousands upon thousands of readers, and the role she played in the shaping of my career. Her writing never failed to inspire me to try my best to capture the intriguing characterizations and sweeping vision of her stories. And to top it off, she was unfailingly gracious to me and generous with her time and support.

The first cover of mine to make the New York Times Bestseller list was her novel, The White Dragon… a major benchmark for her and me. I’ve been immeasurably fortunate to have been able to name her as a friend and inspiration. She’ll be sadly missed, but her worlds will live on always.

[A selection of Michael Whelan covers for Anne McCaffrey below the cut]

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