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Michael Gunther

Cosmere Cuisine: Meals Inspired by Sanderson’s Mistborn Series

Welcome Sanderson Fans, Cosmerenauts, and foodies to’s newest adventures through the Cosmere! Here we ask the important questions about what the people on the worlds of Brandon Sanderson eat along with their ingested metals and investiture, starting with Scadrial during the Final Empire.

Have you ever asked what foods would best fuel an allomancer’s investiture? What foods would help a street kid like Vin obtain trace metals to generate her “luck”? What flavors would the nobles enjoy to compliment the tastes of their metals? In the same way people enjoy pairing meals and wines, how does one pair metals and meals?

Join Deana Whitney, a Sanderson Beta-reader and foodie, along with Michael Gunter, a cook skilled in many modern and historical food preparation methods, as they explore the different cuisines in the Cosmere food chain.

[Breeze, what are you drinking?]

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