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Fiction and Excerpts [1]

Fiction and Excerpts [1]

Do Not Offend the Gods: 8 SFF Books Featuring Deities

When I was growing up, my world was neatly divided into monotheism and pantheism. On the monotheism side there was the god of Abraham and on the pantheism side there were the Greeks—Zeus, Hera, Athena, etc. You’re probably noticing some signs of a very limited world view. I had been told that the Romans had gods just like the Greeks only with new names like Jupiter and Juno. I knew there were other religions, and I was at least passingly familiar with the Norse gods. My fifth-grade social studies textbook made sure I knew a little about the Sumer and Ur and the Egyptians, but their gods? Their gods just didn’t show up very often back then and there were so many other gods to whom I’d never even been introduced.

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