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Megan Kanne

The Ecology of Roshar: Flora and Fauna

Welcome back to Roshar! I hope you enjoyed Part 2 of Deana’s incredible overview of Rosharan cuisine complete with recipes you can make at home. This week we’ll be looking at the flora and fauna that make Roshar unique. Buckle up for our trip through the ecology of the strange and fascinating world of Roshar.

[There is a frantic determination to the way it grows.]

Everything We Know About the Unmade

Hello, hello! Welcome back to our detailed examinations of the Stormlight Archive! So far we’ve talked about history, the Heralds, the Knights Radiant, fabrials, worldhoppers, secret societies, and the Fused. This week, it’s time to turn our attention to those mysterious beings, the Unmade: Splinters of Odium and instigators of much mayhem. What do we know about them, anyway?

[We were made, then unmade.]

Everything We Know About Secret Societies on Roshar

Welcome back to the world of Roshar! I hope you all enjoyed Drew’s Cosmere primer last week; there’s more to come from him on Cosmere personnel in the near future. This week, we return to Explaining the Stormlight Archive by examining what we know of the secret societies currently (or in the recent past) active on Roshar.

[“That’s where the secrets are.”]

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