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Mac Rogers

Six Podcast Episodes That Inspired Steal the Stars

I am as delighted as I can be to be releasing my new science fiction podcast miniseries Steal the Stars as the inaugural presentation of Tor Labs (via my production company Gideon Media). Tor means a great deal to me. I’ve been reading paperbacks with Tor logos since I was at least nine years old, and it’s an extraordinary honor to join this legacy on its new, experimental storytelling platform.

Steal the Stars is a 14-part science fiction miniseries that follows two former soldiers working at a privatized military base that secretly houses an extraterrestrial spacecraft…and the apparently deceased extraterrestrial inside it. When the pair fall in love and need money to escape from their employers, they need something to sell. Something that’s uniquely valuable, something for which the right people would pay a fortune. And before they can sell it…they have to steal it.

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