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Lisa Huberman

Georgiou Is a Jealous God—Feminine Power and the Jewish Divine in Star Trek: Discovery

I’ve been blessed over the last few years to get to learn and co-create rituals in Jewish spaces that uplift the divine feminine. One of my favorite resources is Jill Hammer’s Kohenet Siddur, which remakes the poetry of the traditional Hebrew liturgy to use female titles, pronouns, and verb forms. Instead of praying to the male “Adonai,” we get to pray to the divine feminine “Shekhina,” and it always feels like a devious form of rebellion everytime I chant “Berachu at Shekhina,” instead of “Baruch atah adonai.”

Most images of the Shekhina that I see are of nurturing, serene Earth Mothers, but to be honest I’ve never really connected to them. I’ve been in spaces where everyone has been blissed out getting in touch with their divine feminine goddess, and I feel like a jerk for seeing it all as a bit cheesy.

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