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Len Vlahos

Three Books Where AI Doesn’t Take Over the World, and Two Where They Kind of Do

Who doesn’t love a good robot? From classic science fiction films of the 1950s to the synthetic life in Star Trek: Picard, the latest reboot in the Star Trek franchise (which is really, really good, by the way), writers and fans alike have been fascinated by sentient machines for decades.

Me, too.

The original idea for this post was “Five Times Where AI Doesn’t Take Over the World.” But it didn’t seem fair to compile a list of stories in which the humans always win, because if it comes down to it, they won’t. Bwuuuuuuhahahahahaha. (For those of you who might now suggest I’m an artificial life form, I merely say, prove it. I’ll pass your little Turing Test at least 90 out of 100 times. I think.)

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