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Lee Kelly

Five Books with Unforgettable Sisters

I’m one of three sisters, and the older I get, the more I realize what a gift sisterhood has been for me. So naturally, the focus of my first novel, City of Savages, was the relationship between dual-protagonist sisters. With my second, A Criminal Magic (which releases today!), I set out to write a very different story, but after a couple rounds of revisions, I found myself subconsciously working a sister relationship into that one too.

As a writer, I find sister relationships fascinating—sisters can go from joking in their own shorthand to undercutting each other in a matter of minutes, can be each other’s greatest champions and biggest hurdles in the same conversation. And as a reader, there’s nothing better than reading something about sisterhood that hits me with almost chilling familiarity, and whispering as I turn the page, “Wow, this is us.”

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