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From Mid-World to the Institute: The SFF Works of Stephen King

It, Misery, The Shining, Pet Semetary—on the backs of novels like these, Stephen King hoisted himself on the pop culture landscape in a way few—if any—other horror authors have managed. The so-called “Master of Horror” is a household well known for bringing the scares and his penchant for doorstop sized tomes.

While horror has largely comprised the meat of King’s expansive bibliography, it’s easy to forget or overlook how often he’s veered from that particular darkly lit path. The latter years of his career have seen King venturing outside his supposed comfort zone with some mysteries, a bit of crime fiction, and even a slice-of-life novella. But this is hardly an aberration. If you take a close look at King’s works—particularly his short story collections, a place where he’s often his most experimental—he’s actually spent a good portion of his career stepping outside the boundaries of modern horror. Interestingly, his most typical landing spot has been sci-fi and fantasy.

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10 SFF Audiobooks for Holiday Traveling

With the holiday season now in full-swing, it can be easy to teeter on the edge of full-on panic mode. For all the delights the season can bring, it is also ripe with potential frustrations and the possibility of anxiety-inducing calamity. There’s the planning, the shopping, the cooking, the gift wrapping—and perhaps most trying of all, the travel. Basically, during the holidays—perhaps more than any other time of year—we can all use a moment (or several) of escape. Whether you’re looking to veg out during a gift-wrapping session, a plane ride’s worth of distraction, or a way for everyone to pass the time during a family car trip, a great audiobook is just the ticket. Here are a few of our sci-fi and fantasy favorites to bring you through this yuletide season with at least a modicum of your sanity.

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