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Katrina Leno

Five Summer Reads for Star Gazers

I’ve always been in love with stars. In fact, my first tattoo was a star (with an embarrassing placement I shall not share with you). I got it to remind myself that in moments of extreme anxiety or depression, my problems were but small things compared to those giant burning balls above me. It was supposed to both ground me and also elevate me, to remind me to look up every now and then, to take a moment and contemplate my place in a galaxy so much bigger than I could possibly imagine. I’ve since gotten a few more tattoos, mostly literary themed. But that first one will always feel special to me.

Today, space still fills me with equal parts wonder and awe. It’s why my latest young adult novel, Sometime in Summer, spends so much time looking up, and it’s why I find myself drawn to stories that do the same. Imagine exploring the cosmos from your couch, floating through asteroid fields while wearing your pajamas. Whether set on Earth or floating somewhere above it, based in our world or set in a fantasyland, the following books all left me feeling a little less alone in the vast expanse of space.

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