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Fiction and Excerpts [1]

Fiction and Excerpts [1]

Illustrating Flyaway: Kathleen Jennings on Creating Art and Prose Together

Until recently, I’ve been known more as an illustrator than as a writer (although I’ve always done both). But I rarely do both together.

Although writing and art draw from the same storytelling aquifer, they come up through different wells. Ideas sometimes shift fluidly between the two in the early stages of a project, but usually one—art or words—will quickly take over. In fact, it becomes a challenge to strip an idea entirely of words, or to create a painterly impression using only text, and a challenge for my editors to bring me back to the purpose of a comic.

I’ve been trying to bring writing and images together more often (for example, in short stories for some patrons on Patreon). And when I began a practice-led MPhil at the University of Queensland, researching “The Visual Evocation of the Beautiful Sublime in Australian Gothic Literature”, it was with the grand plan of doing just this with the creative component, which became Flyaway.

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Writing Through and About the Australian Wildfires

Australia is on fire.

It is not the only disaster happening in the world. It is not that we have not had fires before. But the breadth and impact are unprecedented.

This post will not summarise the situation, or lay out all the causes and consequences. Much of it is obvious, and there are so many people in the midst of it who are yet to tell their stories, and many good journalists, scientists and historians who are taking on that responsibility — most reputable news sites have by now published overviews. And the fires are still burning. They are moving slow and fast, high and low, through places that have burnt already, and others that have rarely been threatened before. The stories are still emerging.

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