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Katherine DM Clover

The Galleon is Out of Control: Inflation in the World of Harry Potter

The world of Harry Potter is one that is rich, complex, and detailed. J.K. Rowling made it that way, because that is what J.K. Rowling does. Arguably, one of the greatest strengths of the original seven book series is how totally immersive it is. You can lose yourself completely in Hogwarts, or Wizarding London, or Hogsmeade. It seems to be a big part of the reason so many of us love the books as much as we do. It’s to the point where American muggles in their twenties and thirties strongly identify with the Hogwarts house they know they would have been sorted into. (Myself, I’m a Ravenclaw, though I have great admiration for Hufflepuff House and often wish desperately that I could be a Hufflepuff. It’s just not meant to be, don’t try to comfort me…)

But once you really start digging into this incredibly detailed world, it’s hard to escape the feeling that there is something going on at Gringotts Wizarding Bank. That is, the problem may not even be rooted within the bank itself, but something is certainly amiss in the wizarding economy of London. For reasons impossible to fully understand, magical currency is quickly losing value, and things don’t look good.

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