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Fashion Dos and Dont’s for the Paranormal Heroine

Everyone knows that being a heroine is all about how you look. Forget about kicking supernatural ass—the skills are secondary, and you can always use props. Look at Rachel Morgan (from The Hallows Series by Kim Harrison). Most of her skills come from amulets she bought and potions she brewed based on recipes. She has backup to do the hardcore fighting.

In other words, it’s all about how you look while you do it.

Do you want to be a paranormal heroine? You can be. You just have to dress the part.

[The dos and don’ts]

Series: Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Month

I Speak for the Trolls

I’ve been kicking around the idea of writing a new paranormal series, in addition to the Guardians of Destiny series.

The prospect of starting a new project is always exciting, but before brainstorming characters and plots, I thought it’d be wise to check in with my agent, knowing she’d have intel on what my publisher is looking for. You don’t want to spend your time writing proposals for leprechaun stories when editors want mermaids, you know?

[So I arranged a phone call to ask.]

Series: Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Month


“I have to write a blog for’s paranormal month, but I have no idea what to write.” I plopped down on my sister’s bed, my arm draped across my forehead, hoping I looked pathetic enough that she’d help me.

Parisa didn’t even turn around to see my dramatics. She stared into her closet, her gaze intent on its contents. “That’s too bad,” she said absently.

“You look like you’re searching for monsters in there.” Monsters. I pursed my lips. ”Do you think monsters are paranormally?”

“Is ‘paranormally’ a word?”

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Series: Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Month

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