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Karuna Riazi

Tradition and Superstition: The Jinn in the Family Closet

Almost everyone has one in their family: a closet. And a jinn encounter.

If you haven’t had one for yourself, there’s always the uncle or sister-in-law or cousin several webs of bloodline and introduction removed who has had the pleasure—or misfortune.

A young woman’s leg is broken for the crime of sitting down on her own couch, and onto the extended leg of a jinn already lounging there. (Eye for an eye, in the most terrifying way.)

A woman’s dying husband insists that she is cheating on him because he sees someone hovering around her, always clinging to her—and no one else can see anyone, but several months later and a well-timed exorcism reveal the spirit that was hanging about her for years.

A childhood friend’s mother witnessed a white-clad being seated up in the ceiling as a family member fought a deadly illness—and, to this day, also remembers the expectant, grotesque expression of whatever it was perching there, watching, waiting…

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