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Fiction and Excerpts [1]

Fiction and Excerpts [1]

Redemption in Indigo (Excerpt)

, || Paama's husband is a fool and a glutton. Bad enough that he followed her to her parents' home in the village of Makendha, now he's disgraced himself by murdering livestock and stealing corn. When Paama leaves him for good, she attracts the attention of the undying ones--the djombi--who present her with a gift: the Chaos Stick, which allows her to manipulate the subtle forces of the world. Unfortunately, a wrathful djombi with indigo skin believes this power should be his and his alone.

Seeking Transcendence: Five Books About the Human and the Divine

Seeking transcendence, or going beyond the boundaries of self, is a fundamentally human quest. The journey may be interpreted as the relationship between human and divine, but it may also be described as the connection between the ordinary and the ideal, the imperfect self and a perfected self, the limited human consciousness and the universal mind. This theme has fascinated me for years, so much so that it formed the core of my PhD thesis.

These books show the perils and joys of a life lived beyond the boundaries of self, a life that finds the divine in the human, and the human in the divine. Suffering is usually involved, but also ecstasy … and sometimes the end of the world.

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Series: Five Books About…

Redemption in Indigo (Excerpt)

Enjoy this excerpt from our friends at Small Beer Press!



A rival of mine once complained that my stories begin awkwardly and end untidily. I am willing to admit to many faults, but I will not burden my conscience with that one. All my tales are true, drawn from life, and a life story is not a tidy thing. It is a half-tamed horse that you seize on the run and ride with knees and teeth clenched, and then you regretfully slip off as gently and safely as you can, always wondering if you could have gone a few metres more.

Thus I seize this tale, starting with a hot afternoon in the town of Erria, a dusty side street near the financial quarter. But I will make one concession to tradition…

[Once upon a time—]

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