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Joe Zieja

Five Books I Haven’t Read But Want To and Am Going to Summarize Anyway Based on Their Titles and Covers

Look, we all know that reading is hard. There are lots of words on lots of pages, and there are so many Google Chrome tabs vying for our attention. My favorite is “New Tab.” It’s just filled with so much potential! So when you’re in the science fiction and fantasy community, and you’re constantly getting bombarded by recommendations for all these amazing books written by all these amazing people, you start to feel like a paleo person at a vegan party—hungry. Hungry for books.

The problem is, you can only stomach so much fiction—no matter how incredible it is—before you start throwing up pulp. And nobody wants to see that. But one of the most important skills that any entrepreneur (and all authors are entrepreneurs) has in their arsenal is the ability to network (read: bullsh**) and improvise.

And that’s what I’m going to do.

[Five Books That I Haven’t Read]

Series: Five Books About…

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