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Jeremy P. Bushnell

Five Books Riddled with Holes

I have a good friend who suffers from trypophobia, the fear of holes. (If you think you might have this, I don’t recommend Googling it, as right on top of the search results is a rather horrific array of “images for trypophobia.”) When my new novel, The Insides, came out, I had to apologize to this friend—going so far as to offer to personally hand-annotate her copy of the book with trigger warnings—because holes are at the very center of the narrative. The novel features a set of characters who use magic to cut holes into the fabric of time and space, and these holes don’t always behave as they should: sometimes they open or reopen unexpectedly, sometimes weird things come out of them.

The Insides is only the latest entrant in a long lineage of books featuring weird holes, portals, voids, and abysses, though: once you start looking for them, they seem to pop up everywhere. This might be bad news for trypophobes but it’s good news for readers who are looking for mysterious worlds to drop into.

[Here are five]

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