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Jay Tomio

Dungeon Crawls to Hyperspace – Paul S. Kemp Interview

While not involved in publishing, I’m a fan who has been able to do this type of thing for some time now and have had the privilege of chatting it up with several writers who either raised me or continue the traditions of works that did. I kind of feel like Paul S. Kemp has made a profession utilizing that kind of sentiment, just finding joy working and creating, passing on that enthusiasm that he not only knows the value of, but hasn’t forgotten. It doesn’t get much more real, much more fundamental to the second generation Spec Fic fan than PnP and Star Wars. Kemp is the creator of Erevis Cale, a character that has two trilogies, Erevis Cale and Twilight War, and whose story is the foundation of a future trio of books. He is also the author of the New York Times-bestselling, R. A. Salvatore-presented, Resurrection. Earlier this year it was announced that he would be writing a forthcoming Star Wars novel entitled Crosscurrent (January 2010), that will feature Jaden Korr.

I want to welcome Paul to where our talk will include concepts from the Great Man theory to vibroblades.


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