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“A Critical Division of Starfleet Intelligence”: Section 31 and the Normalization of the Security State

When I was a kid, I was a big fan of The X-Files. It was the ’90s, politics were a thing for the Royal Canadian Air Farce (basically, Canada’s SNL) to make fun of, and vague yet sinister conspiracies perpetrated by shadowy bureaucracies of black-clad spooks were all the rage. And so, when the producers of Deep Space Nine opted to uncork a little of that X-Files magic in the Star Trek universe in the sixth season episode “Inquisition,” I was over the moon about it.

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“The Proper Pronoun for When One Shares One’s Body With One’s New Friend”: A Transgender Reading of Star Trek: Picard

The second season of Star Trek: Picard was rife with plot twists, but for my money, the biggest by far was when Agnes Jurati (Allison Pill) stole the entire series from right out below its title character and never gave it back. Picard may be my favourite Star Trek captain; Patrick Stewart may be one of the best living actors; but by the third episode, it was Agnes for whom I was tuning in.

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